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The Ex list is about a woman name Bella. For her sister's bachelorette party they all go to see a psychic. The psychic tells Bella that she has a year to find her soul mate. If she doesn't, she'll be alone for the rest of her life. The other thing, Bella has already met her soul mate.

At first Bella doesn't believe her. When other things the psychic tells her come true, she takes it a little more seriously. She goes back to the psychic to ask for more details. Psychic lady says no, this is your journey. Just follow the signs.

As Bella leaves, a bird poops on her. She grabs a news and review like paper to wipe it off when she notices an ad for band. A band that happens to be have one of her ex's as the lead singer.

We see a flashback of Bella breaking up with the guy. He's one of those sensitive musicians types. He cries and then it turns out its his birthday. When he realizes Bella didn't even know, he cries harder.

When Bella checks him out at the club he's singing a song about how "bitch left me on my birthday." Ha ha. Awesome. At first he wants nothing to do with Bella, but he gives her another chance. Which ends in a kind of "I had it coming" way.

This show was pretty cute and had its funny moments. I look forward to the new episodes. So if you get a chance, check it out.

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Hi Isabel. I'm not commenting on the show I'm commenting on the site. I usually read your posts via Google Reader and haven't visited in a long time. Wow! You guys have done an awesome job here.

Way to go.

I watched this show too, I thought it was cute. I can't wait to watch more. How hot is Elliot though?

I like the dog/ex bit. LOL

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