Prison Break-Five the Hard Way  

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Rowena and I were both discussing last night's Prison Break. We thought we'd share our thoughts with you.

Rowena: You were right about Gretchen and T Bag, ugh...I don't like that they're playing on the team now, ugh again. And the stupid Asian kid, what a douche now they have to start all over again because he got the phone thingy taken away.

Ugh again.

Iz: Wait, I thought they had the data downloaded at the home base. They have to start completely over. What an idiot. How could Roland think he wouldn't get caught?

Watch, Gretchen is going to demand T-bag be included and that's how he weasels himself in the gang. Dang I hate t-bag.

Poor Sucre, I was really feeling bad for taking one for the team and turns out its so he can do the wild thing with homeboys wife! I'm going to believe in my fantasy world that Sucre said no but was in the room long enough to get the 5th card. lol.

Rowena: Oh no, no no no...they do have the data at the homebase but they still have one more card to get, right? So now he has to build a whole other device thingy so that they can get it, that's what I meant by them starting all over again.

Oh, I know..that's what they showed in the previews for next week (or did it say two weeks? I can't remember). Ugh, I hate T Bag and I wish he would just die off already, sheesh.

You know that he's going to feel bad for betraying Marisol (is that her name? I forget) but he did what he had to do to be free to be with her again. It's going to suck if he did all this and went through all of this and she can't get over him sleeping with the man's wife to demand his freedom and after all is said and done, he ends up alone. I hope that doesn't happen to him.

Iz: I was about to say, don't scare me! That would suck if they had to get all the cards again. Yeah they have one more card to get but I don't think they have the time to make another device. Unless they try to get the original device back. But I think the last card holder is the general. How they will do that, I have no idea.

I swear Roland is just plain stupid. I hope Linc beats him up.

I keep hoping T-Bag will get off'd but each week I'm let down that he's still somehow alive. And now Gretchen might be involved. Poor Sarah.

Did you see the part about Michael's nose bleeds. He better not die. They can't kill him off cause he's the brain behind everything. But I'm glad Sarah knows now. Maybe she can help him.

But I was busting up laughing when Michael asked Sara to get Carrot Top's autograph. ha ha.

Rowena: I know, me too! I was like, WTF? Carrot Top? Seriously? haha, whatev.

No, but they don't have time to do up another card thingy so I'm thinking that Michael is gonna have to come up with a plan and I know that the General has the last card, it HAS to be him. That's going to be interesting because you know they're going to do it, they just don't know how yet...or we don't know how so ooh wee it's getting good.

The whole thing about Michael and the Mom and stuff, yeah he's so not dying but I'm thinking they might have a scare. Ugh, not looking forward to that. I bet you in the season finale, he's going to collapse and that's gonna be the cliff hanger, Does Michael Scofield make it out alive?

It's going to be interesting with Gretchen and T Bag in on the op now. Frickity frick, poor Sarah my ass because I'm still on the fence about her, *sigh*

I was laughing when Self done moved out of his house and then went to the General and stuck his shoe up his ass, too frickin' funny.

Iz: Oooo that would make for an interesting season finale, Michael collapsing. Don't say that! I don't want to wait a whole summer to find out if he's ok or not.

Oh you know the general is the last cardholder. It would be their luck. And he knows about all of them right? Sigh.. my co worker thinks it might take Gretchen to get the info. But I don't trust her. What if she gets all crazy or something? ugh.

I'm still on the fence with Sarah too. She better be a good guy and not betray them.

Self is still a weenie in my eyes. He did good on confronting the general but he needs to earn man points from me.

Rowena: I know what you mean. Self has a long way before he redeems himself in my eyes. But it's funny how much I hated Mahone in the first season and how, after this season I'm like, alright...I guess I forgive you. I don't know, it's like I don't hate him anymore. Weird.

Oh you know Gretchen is going to be the one to get the last card for them. You just know it and I'm curious to find out how they're going to do it. So frickin' curious.

Iz: Same here. Mahone.. I like him now. He redeemed himself when he told Michael he wouldn't rat them out when was in jail.

I know. I'm curious too.

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