Prison Break- Blow Out  

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Prison Break shook things up by show the gang retrieving the 4th card at the beginning of the show.

They managed to get the card but Mahone ended up in jail. He was trying to sneak out of the office where they stuck the copying device when he got caught. He punches a cop and then two more show up. Mahone is arrested.

Self tries to get Mahone out of jail but no such luck. Which I don't understand why. I mean Self is higher up the badge/authority food chain. Whatever. So he manages to get Mahones things.

Sucre and Bellick are a tad bit upset they won't rescue Mahone. They now realize that its everyman for themselves. I know better though. I know it's a matter of time before Michael realizes they need to bust Mahone out. And they do.

Wyatt confronts Self about poking around the Generals file. Self looked like he wanted to piss himself. Not so badass huh Self. I thought it was funny. Wyatt also finds Mahone but before he can shoot Mahone, he escapes.

Then we learn something interesting. Mahone calls Wyatt and did my ears deceive me? Did Mahone used to work for the company? Then he makes the dumb mistake of throwing away the paper with Wyatt's phone number. Roland sees this and picks up the paper from the trash. Bad move Mahone.

Other story lines: T-Bag is kind of caught and runs. Gretchen makes it to her sister's house to clean up. I knew that little girl was her daughter. I wonder if that's going to play out later. Gretchen goes where T-Bag is staying and knocks him the ground.

Next weeks looks fun with Sucre taking one for the team. tee hee!

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