3:10 to Yuma  

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A rancher struggles to support his ranch and family during a long drought. Desperately needing money to build a well, he takes an assignment to transport a notorious felon, in the hands of authorities, to Yuma for imprisonment. But, once the two meet, the criminal tries to tempt him with--in exchange for allowing him to escape--an offer of much more money than the rancher ever expected, the result of a hidden loot.

We watched the movie the other night. I thought it was good. Christian Bale looked yummy. The end kind of bummed me out. Was not expecting that all.

Even though Russel Crowe plays the bad guy, I don't really think he was all that bad. His second in command, Prince, was..... I wouldn't say worse. But he someone I didn't want to to see live. lol. I thought Prince looked kind of feminine. I thought he would be revealed to be a girl. But no, he wasn't. He was a guy.

Also, Dan's son was a bit of a butthead in the beginning. Joey though he was gonna die. Nope he lived but towards the end he respected Dan a little bit more.

I never saw the original movie so I can't make any comparisons. If you get a chance, see this movie. Some parts are kind of slow, but for the most part it goes a good pace.

Grade: B-

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I liked this movie - I didn't realize that it was a remake.

I actually really like the second in command guy as an actor. I've seen him in other movies but what they were, I can't tell ya ;)

Since it was a movie my dad had seen years ago I knew the ending wasn't going to be happy.


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