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Before I get into tonight's episode, I've gotta say...HOW HOT IS NATHAN IN THIS PIC RIGHT HERE?


Anyway, on with the episode. I don't know what to say about this episode, it wasn't the best episode ever but it also wasn't the worst episode either. It was just so-so. Nothing in this world will ever make me like Lindsay and finding out that her Dad died of cancer and that she was the one to pull the plug on him didn't soften me toward her so I really doubt anything else will.

I will say that Peyton was a big b word in this episode. For no good reason but do I blame her? Not in the least. Do I hate her? Heck to the no, but that may be because I'm totally biased where Peyton Sawyer is concerned. She can do no wrong in my eyes...well that's not true because she can and has done a lot of wrong that I do not condone but her character as a whole, is still my absolute fave character of the girls on this show.

I hated finding out that the ring Lucas gave to Peyton, err, I mean Lindsay wasn't really Peyton's ring but Karen's ring, the ring that she got from Keith. I hated finding out that the ring was NOT specifically for her and I hate doubting Lucas' love for Peyton because it's so up in the air. Like Lindsay, I was doubting Lucas' love for Lindsay because how can he love someone that is NOT Peyton can he write in his book, that he does and always will love Peyton Sawyer and then have the nerve to move on?


It's like the writers keep dangling the Lucas and Peyton thing in front of me and then right when they get in kissing distance of being together, they snatch it away and we never really get to see what's what in this whole thing. I wish that they would quit doing that, they finally got together after FOUR effing seasons, only to come back after the break and are broken up yet again and NOT TOGETHER. It sucks the big a word but goodness, anything can happen ...are they completely done with each other, did Lucas really move on and does he really not love Peyton anymore? In my heart of hearts, I know that he still loves Peyton and that Peyton is still his whole world only he just doesn't realize it...WHY doesn't he realize it? How can HE doubt Peyton's love?

Did he forget? Did he really move on? I hate that I don't know...I hate that I doubt.

As for Nathan and Haley....Nathan will never be his father because you can tell that he doesnt' want to be and because of that, he never will be. It's so good to see him being the father that I knew he could be with little Jamie, it was touch and go there for a minute in the beginning of the season but I'm so glad that he realized the errors of his ways and stepped up to be the man of the if only he'd tell Haley about that no good skank Carrie and be done with it, deal with the consequences and then fix his marriage.

And how effing cute is Jamie? He was totally pimpin' his new Raven's uniform and I love that he's like the honorary member of the team and it's just so effing cute. When he was copying everything Quentin was doing and when Quentin helped him put on his little wrist bands, SO CUTE!

What I didn't like was seeing Brooke all chummy with Lindsay. I didn't like seeing Peyton so alone, even though she was with Mia, her friends were with the one woman that she couldn't get over. I thought that they'd be sensitive to her feelings and understand that it hurts Peyton to see her friends with the woman that is with the man that she loves. I thought that Brooke, of all people would be sensitive to that but I guess not. I mean, I liked that Peyton didn't need her friends to be only her friends at the end and I'm glad that alls well that ended well but it would have been nice if someone was on Peyton's side.

What I'm really loving is Mia's music. I love her voice and I just love her character on the show, she's so geeky and lovable that you can't help but like her...I really enjoy listening to her sing and I'm totally going to get her CD which I hear is out, I'm sure I'll enjoy it so woo hoo me!

I don't know how I feel about Lindsay and Peyton being's blah to me. I don't care for it and you know what? My niece just said something that totally made sense to me. Where Lucas is concerned, it's like he has to keep reminding himself that he loves Lindsay whereas with Petyon, you only had to look at him to know that he was utterly in love with him, so that gives me hope...Lucas and Peyton forever and always!

Next week, Dan is back in the picture...I hope he doesn't get out because it's only been 4 years and he killed someone so he needs to STAY IN PRISON and rot in there until he dies! But anyway, I can't wait until next week!

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