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supernatural_season_1.jpgSo, when my friend first told me I had to watch Supernatural I was a bit skeptical. I hadn't really heard anything about it and to me it looked like a Buffy or Angel wannabe. But my friend lent me the entire first season and the dudes were hot so I figured, why not?!

I'm so glad I did! I LOVE this show! The first night I started watching it, I was home alone and it was already dark out. I was about half way through the first episode and I started looking around all freaked out and paranoid. I texted my friend who'd lent me the series and I was like "This is actually kinda scary!" I was really surprised.I didn't think it would be scary.

I also underestimated how HOT these guys are. Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls) as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles (Days of Our Lives) as Dean Winchester and as an added bonus their dad, John Winchester, is played by none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny!)

Talk about a FINE looking family. And who knew Jensen was so freaking hot. I just remember seeing pictures of him from Days and thinking he was cute but still a little to girlie; kind of like Leonardo in the early days. Now though, wow Jensen got a hair cut, grew some stubble and hot-damn he is one sexy specimen! Jared ain't half bad either!

So, now that I've gushed about the eye candy, I have to say that is not the only reason I watch ( I swear!). You've got a good storyline, humor, fabulous music and, again, it's SCARY! (Not Saw or Hostel scary but Sixth Sense and Exorcist type scary.)

So is Supernatural about you might ask, well aside from the obvious supernatural stuff it is about the Winchester's quest to hunt down the demon that killed Sam and Dean's mother.

WARNING there are Spoilers.

I also took some information from the Supernatural Wikipedia page.

The first episode begins with an infant Sam and a 4-year old Dean the night their mother is murdered by a demon. She dies pinned to the ceiling, stomach sliced open. She then bursts into flames.

After learning that his wife is murdered by some supernatural entity, John is focused on one thing: finding and destroying the thing that killed his wife. He raises his boys to recognize and defend themselves against supernatural forces.

They often accompanied John on missions to hunt and destroy supernatural forces. Sam, however, rebelled against and butted heads with his father which lead to a falling out between the two when Sam decided to head to school to pursue a "normal" life while Dean remained behind as an obedient soldier in the hunt for all things paranormal.

Years pass and not a word is exchanged between Sam and his father. Sam is living happily at school with his girlfriend, Jess, when Dean arrives with the news that John has disappeared while in the middle of a "hunt". Sam unwillingly agrees to assist Dean in locating the whereabouts of their father.dean_impala.jpg

So, Dean and Sam ride off in Dean's sweet ass black '67 Chevy Impala. I have to mention that the Impala functions as another character. John gave it to Dean and he loves it. (Maybe a little too much!)

But I digress, back to the plot. So they're off in their sweet car to search for their Dad.

Their first stop is Jericho, California, the last known whereabouts of John. While there, Sam and Dean solve the ghost mystery that John was working on before his disappearance. Although they solve that particular supernatural case, they are no closer to finding their father than before and Sam opts to return to school and his girlfriend rather than continuing with Dean on the search for their Dad.

When Sam returns to school he finds his girlfriend, Jessica, pinned to the ceiling, stomach bleeding and then she bursts into flames, just as Sam's mother did. Dean rescues Sam from the burning building and Sam, heartbroken about Jessica, joins Dean in continuing to search for the Dad who he hopes has some answers regarding the demon that has killed not only his mother, but now his girlfriend.

The majority of the episodes follow Sam and Dean as they criss-cross the country (in their badass car) tracking their father and solving supernatural mysteries involving ghosts, demons, vampires, and a variety of urban legends.

The boys finally locate their father and learn all that he knows about the demon that killed their mom and Jess . They learn that there is only one thing that can kill the powerful demon; a gun. Not just any gun but The Colt which was created during the Battle of the Alamo by the legendary Demon Hunter, Samuel Colt.

The gun, with a well placed shot, will kill ANY supernatural entity. After recovering the gun from a group of vampires the Winchesters unite to hunt down the demon in earnest. However, a variety of events lead to the demon possessing John who almost kills Dean but Sam is able to shoot the deamon (who has possessd John) in the leg releasing it from John's body. The season ends with Sam racing John and Dean to the hospital when a semi-truck, whose driver has been possessed by the demon, plows into them leaving all three Winchesters injured and vulnerable.


What is missing from this summary of Season 1 is all of the complicated relationships between the three Winchesters; the tension between Sam and John, Dean's resentment for Sam's abandoning the family for school, not to mention the love and loyalty that, despite their differences and grievances, is so apparent in all three Winchesters.

The other thing I love about this show is the soundtrack. It is all classic rock and whom ever is in charge of the music does a fabulous job of selecting music that fits the characters and the overall mood of the episode. This site has a list of all the music on the show broken down by season then by each episode.

Dean is my favorite character on the show. He is not only sexy as hell he's hilarious, he drives a badass car, and listens to some rockin' music. He's my dream man :)!

Now, some for your viewing pleasure, the Winchester men:

John Winchester


Dean Winchester


Sam Winchester


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17 comments me some Jeffrey. LOL

Me too Ames me too. But I'm a big Jensen fangirl (think Kristie(J) and Richard Armitage). And Jared is a hottie too! (The towel episode proves it.)_

Oh and thanks for letting me guest blog! :)

You're welcome Mollie.

I must admit, I'm very curious about this show now. LOL

Hey, wasn't Jensen on Dawson's Creek too?

He was! He was one of Jen's dudes. He was also on Smallville. Don't watch that show though.

Netflix it! Got to!


I LOVE this show! I'm so pissed because they are now putting Lost on at the same time and I have to choose between Dean and Jack (Matthew Fox)!

Last night Lost won out but I'm crossing my fingers the CW will reair Supernatural over the weekend like they did last year!

So I think i'm gonna netflix this series and get caught up. Cause, the pics of the guys alone make me want to check it out.

And is that one guy Denny for GA? And the car... sweet. My dad used to own a 67 chevy impala.


YAY! Someone else who loves it! I'm just now on Disc 2 of Season 2. So I'm not all caught up yet.

You should! The guys are soooooooooooo HOT. :) All of them!

Yes, John Winchester is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka. Denny from GA. :)

The car is awesome. I love it.

I just posted a BUNCH of pictures of all the guys on Supernatural on my other blog. Check out the yumminess!

Meh, I don't think I'm gonna watch Smallville. Not really into that. LOL

I just slide into the I-love-Jensen line, thanks. A fine, fine looking young man. :-D

I watched the first season but didn't start back up with the second. Now I'm wondering if I should try again.

Oh, Jensen was on Days of Our Lives ages ago...he was one of the first grown-up Erics.

I've been watching it since it started and though we got screwed this year because of the writer's strike, I'm anxious to see how the resolve the MAJOR issue for this season. (Sorry, can't tell, but you're gonna be biting your nails, just like me!) Right now they're still dancing around it, so I'm hoping they'll get down to it soon!

Season 2 was the best so far, btw.

OH, you'll have to tell me when you get to the episode "Tall Tales". I laughed my butt off the entire time!

Tall Tales is is season two!


Yes he is. It's almost a crime to look that good. Mmmmm. I never watched Days I just remember he was on it. I would definitely hop back on the Supernatural bandwagon. Last night I made it to Disc 3 of Season 2. Really enjoying it!

I think after I finish season 2 I'll have to go to itunes and download whatever episodes they have of Supernatural season 3. There's no way I'll be able to wait till it gets to DVD.

I'll Tall Tales should be coming up for me then I'm about half way through Season 2! My friend who started me on the series said her favorite was an episode in season 3 about a rabbits foot or something? That's one she said was not scary but a funny episode.

This is one show that I'm going to netflix and make a weekend of, I love me some Eric Brady, I mean, Jensen Ackles, haha...LOVE HIM!


You won't be disappointed. Jensen is my favorite part of the show :)

Let me tell ya, ol Dean has featured prominently in many o' Zeek fantasies! grrrrrrr!

The rabbit's foot one was another one that made me laugh too!

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