Lip Stick Jungle.  

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I watched this show last night and it wasn't what I was expecting. It's about three women, who are not all single like I thought. They're all really different.

One's married and has a successful career in show business. Another's married to a professor who pays more attention to his career instead of her and then the other one is still single and ready to mingle. The single girl (I don't even remember her name but it's Lindsay from 90210) is a fashion designer and the show starts with her fashion show going south and we find out that she's a crier and when she cries, she eats cupcakes. The other chick (Brooke Shields character) Wendy, is successful at work and has a bigger and better career than her husband...and you can tell that her husband is kind of resentful about it all. So that's what she's got going on at home. The last chick, Niko (however you spell her name) has a husband who just doesn't pay attention to her. She's feeling neglected and unwanted so what does she do? She starts an affair with a younger, HOTTER guy and she feels horrible afterward.

Was the first episode enough to make me a total fan of this show? Meh. Not yet, but on the other hand, I'm not going to give up on this show just yet either...and not because there isn't anything else to watch either...just because I'm going to give this show a few more chances to win me over because I love the asian girl..she's so cute!

The Bazillionaire that wooed the asian girl (gosh what is her name? I'm too lazy to check) was not a hottie at all but he was sweet, even though he said he was wasting $20,000 just by calling her. hehe, still he was cute and you could tell that he actually likes her.


I'm curious to see what is going to happen between Niko and Kirby (who is a little cutie) and then with her husband. I also want to see what goes down at her job.

I can already see that Wendy's daughter is going to have some kind of issue that her Mom helped her get because of the way that she was with her in the morning scene.

So all in all, this show made me curious enough to keep watching but not curious enough that I'm jumping for joy that this show is finally on.

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I've got this DVRd, but now I'm not in a rush to watch it. Cashmere Mafia sounds better, imo.

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