Prison Break- Hell or High Water  

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So I missed the first few minutes. I started watching when they were all at thebeach. But according to the episode guide, Michael set T-bag, Luchero and Bellick up. Ha ha. They wanted to go up first and they got caught. HA HA! Smart thinking Michael. They thought they had 30 seconds before the guards would cath them, but they really only had 15. Good thinking Michael.

Ok, so we have Mc Grady and his dad possibly getting caught at the check point. Which I like him. I don't want to see him go back to Sona.

We have Whistler making a run for it. He either returns or Michael and Linc get a hold of him cause Whistler looks caught in previews for next week. I don't blame Whistler for running though since he lost his precious little book. Someone is in trouble.

Mahone... what will happen with him I wonder. I don't think he's a bad guy. Yeah he's kind of jerk. Yeah he was acting on orders but... he's kind of grown on me now. I kind of like him now.

Ok, so who was looking forward to T-bag getting his twig and berries fried? That sounds horrible I know, but I think he's deserves it. What's funny, is in real life the actor who plays him seems like a really nice person.

Poor Sucre. He almost made it. I knew T-Bag would rat him out before Sucre had a chance to leave. It looks like he's being buried alive in the previews. I hope nothing too bad happens to him and I hope he doesn't rat them all out.

I'm looking forward to Susan/Gretchen getting hers. She's just an evil witch. She needs to go now.

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