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Today we have a special post from Zeek of The Way I See It.

I am not a regular tv watcher. Oh, I watch enough, I just don't tune into shows that people consider "regular". I don't do Dawson's Creek and it's ilk, I don't do CSI, though I would be more likely to catch that one rather than shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill. (Sorry Boob Tube Ladies!). I don't do game shows like Deal or No Deal nor reality tv- okay I lie, I do watch Bravo's Project Runway, Top Design, and Top Chef- can you blame me? So where does that leave someone raised on Star Trek and The Incredible Hulk?

With shows like Lost. A quintessential odd-man-out of a show- with a twist of the paranormal!

If you don't want to read my long and rambling post on all things Lost you can catch up with this:
Lost in 8 minutes and 15 seconds.

Catch all that? No? Well then you're gonna have to read on:

From the get go, Lost hooked me. On the very first episode, after our intrepid characters crash land on a mysterious island, an abstract monster appears and kills the pilot.

What was that monster? We have no idea- although we find out later it could be the polar bear spotted roaming the tropical island not long after. (Btw, three years later and they STILL haven't told us what a polar bear is doing on a tropical island!)

More unknowns: One man who was crippled before the crash can now mysteriously walk. Others have died- and come back! There's complexes left over from a group from the 70's called The Dharma initiative and somehow this is connected to a magnetic pull on the island. Does all
this make any sense? Heck no, but I, like many, keep watching to see if it ever does.

Yes, strange things are definitely going on, and it only gets more inexplicable as time progresses.

The other part of this show is the weird psychological games being played on each of the characters. Not only is there inner struggles- very much ala Lord of the Flies- but something out there is messing with their minds and emotions as well. Leaders are born and destroyed. People are killed and some have even escaped! (Supposedly. Can we please find out what happened with Michael and Walt? Please!) Messing with them, (and us!), I tell ya!

In the first couple seasons, along with what's going on on the island, we got flashback's of each of their lives. Who they were and what led them to get on Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney, Australia. And with each flashback, we began to see that these people are all interconnected- in small ways for some, in big ways for others- and they have no clue that this is the case. All
this is leading us to believe there is a reason why the plane went down and that there are no coincidences. Something sinister is behind it all- and, after three years, we still have little idea why ... and who!

This season we got a different twist. Instead of flash backs, we get flash forwards! Yes, some have made it off the island. (They are called "The Oceanic Six".) These six are hiding the fact that others survived and have stayed behind- and some (JACK!) are desperate to get
back to the island.

So why do we keep watching? Because they lead us along, dropping tidbits and leaving a trail for us to follow. For many of us, each little kernel dropped is grabbed up and crowed over around the water cooler (or on blogs!) the next day and another round of suspicions and suppositions are dragged out with the dearest hope that next week, maybe NEXT week, they'll give us more!

What also keeps me coming back are the characters. Jack, the defacto leader, is the archetype hero. He knows what's right and, for the most part, his motives are true. Sawyer is the bad boy- a con man who's only out for himself. And there's Kate, the girl next door with a murky past ... and, for all you romance junkies, she's caught in the middle of these two.

(Pick JACK! Pick JACK!)

Aside from them, we get Sayid, the ex Iraqi Guard, lethal but sensitive enough to fall in love- repeatedly! Hurley, otherwise known as "The Comic Book Guy"- he's got that look and says "Dude" a lot. Charlie, the heroin addict who falls for the lovely Claire who delivers a baby on the
island- something that we find out later is nigh unto impossible. Sun and Jin, the Korean couple with an interesting history of their own, and ... well, many more.

We also have the others. They were on the island before the crash landing and are led by the thoroughly eeeevil Ben. He's a master manipulator and he seems to know everything about our not so deserted islanders.

Confused yet? Lost, maybe? (hee! I'm sorry, had to go there!) Oh but there's so much more!
Unfortunately, it's just that hard to catch someone up on the show unless you start at the very beginning.

It is my recommendation that you run out and rent Season 1 on DVD. Believe me, it won't take you long to catch up to the rest of us because, they've shortened the seasons and with the writer's strike, this third season isn't going to be long. You'll be all caught up with us in no time- and just as hooked! Guaranteed!

I leave you with 3 good reasons to be watching Lost, if you are not:

'Nuff Said!

Lost airs Thursday Nights at 9:00 PM EST.

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Thanks Zeek! I'm definitely going to have to check out this show. Matthew Fox LOL I was going to say a fox, but I'm sure that's been done over and over again. hehe

ohh yes he is! He's great on this show too! (just wait til all the sawyer girls get here to nay say us!)

See, I periodically watch this show....which you can't really do with all the plot twists and turns if you don't watch every week you're like WTF.

There are also so many characters, some of which I care nothing about. Definitely interested in the Jack/Kate/Sawyer bit. I also liked that Scottish (I think?) guy that kept seeing the hobbit's(sorry the druggie rocker) death.

I haven't watched anything this season. We'll see... I might start DVRing them.

That's interesting about the fast forwards vs. the flash backs.

Did it bother anyone else that the fat dude never got skinnier I mean hello you're stranded on an island how much food could there BE?!

Yeah there are tons of characters and they keep adding them. But I love complicated crap like that.

I think Hurly got a TAD skinnier- because the fast forwards with him off the island he seems to be heavier. But yeah, I thought that too. Still I heart Hurly!

(btw, The last ep of last season was a fast forward too!)

DESMOND! (Scottish guy!) Dang shoulda added his pict too making it FOUR reasons to watch Lost! lol!

This season has been much better than then last I think. Unfortunately, instead of the 16 episodes we were supposed to get- it seems we're only getting 8! BOOO!

Found this on a TV Guide Blog:

Final pre-strike episode airs Feb. 21. Expected to shoot 4 additional episodes to begin airing on April 24.

ha opps posted that to the wrong discusson!

Ames hasn't watched LOST!?

I am obsessed by this show. I think it's one of the smartest ones on TV.

And the thing about Hurley is that although the show is on it's 4th season(?) they have only been on the island for 60 days. Also, there was a food drop they found.

I have so many theories on what's going on but I don't want to read spoilers so I don't visit boards unless I really need to.

Last weeks episode with Sayid was scary in the beginning and then so sad at the end. I just love him!

Actually there isn't a character I don't like (except the ones you're not supposed to ;)) but huge props to Desmond and Charlie. I heart them. And I miss Boone to this day.


see boone and his sister I dismissed almost immediately. Really didn't like her and he didn't have much for me other than hotness factor.

And yes, the Sayid episode was very good! I almost crapped my pants when I saw who he was working for in the "fast forward"!

(whoa. I just realized what a lovely visual "crapped my pants" gives. Nice Zeek, real nice.)

Zeek! Great post. BUT, when will you learn that Jack is only good for wounded women? Jack needs a broken weak woman to fix to be happy. Kate is not broken or weak. Sawyer is the man for Kate.

But he DESERVES a strong woman! He may have needed that type of woman in the past, but this circumstance is changing him ... AND Kate for that matter.

Sawyer is a manipulator. Why should someone I like, KATE, have to settle for that? Why should SHE be the one to have to settle for someone who needs fixed? Maybe- if he does indeed change- she could go back to him, but I think she deserves more. Jack isn't going from bad to better- he's going from good, though slightly flawed, to better. PICK JACK!

btw, I was SO pissed last night when it looked like she was going back to Sawyer. I was like, "THAT'S it. Screw you Kate, you don't deserve Jack anyway!"

But then. The flash forward. Wow. Just, wow.

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