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In modern-day California, six women in a book club find their lives and romances reflected in the six novels of English author Jane Austen.

I thought this movie was ok. It was good but.. I don't know. Didn't really do much for me.

6 people form a book club to discuss each of Jane Austen's books. One person hosts one book. Some how, the works of Jane Austen are present in the lives. Like one gal keeps trying to set up Grigg, the only male member in the book club, with her friend. Only she realizes she's attracted to him. That's Emma right there.

I've never read any of Austen's work. I know, shocking. Actually, I think I read Emma back in high school. But I've watched Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensebility, Clueless and Emma. So that counts for something right?

Anyways, this movie was all right. There are some cute parts but it just didn't really do anything for me. Also it hints it is set in Sacramento. I didn't recongize any of the places they were at. Lol. Maybe someone who read the books would enjoy it.

Grade: It's all right. C+.

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LOL Izzie - I haven't read any of Austen's books either. :P I have a bunch in my tbr pile. And I've seen all those Austen movies too. I really like Emma with Gwenyth.

I just want to see this for Hugh Dancy. I really like that man.

Hey isn't Hugh Dancy in this movie?

OMG RO - he's awesome in this movie!! So romantic. :P

Izzie-this damn movie made me cry! I liked it. I'd give it a B+.

Yeah I thought he was cute in the movie. It made you cry? What part?

I cried at the end, when it shows everyone together - I remember Feist was the background music. I haven't cried over a movie in a long time.

Hugh Dancy was soooo cute as a sci-fi loving nerd. Awww, he read Austen for Jocelyn and then she didn't even read his books until the end. Awww. And I love when his sister comes to check up on him. :P

I just watched this over the weekend and liked it so much I went out and bought it. I didn't have a clue who Hugh Dancy was before, but he was great as this character. It was played just right. He's IS nice but not to needy or clingy. Yeah, I liked it!

Rosie-Hugh Dancy first came to my attention in the Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons version of Elizabeth. He's very good in there. He also has a tragic role in Evening. He's a great actor. And really good looking, especially as a nerdy sci-fi geeky guy. LOL

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