Becoming Jane  

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Starring: Anne Hathaway, Julie Walters, James McAvoy, Maggie Smith, Jessica Ashworth

My Grade: B

Movie description from Yahoo! Movies: The year is 1795 and young Jane Austen is a feisty 20-year-old and emerging writer who already sees a world beyond class and commerce, beyond pride and prejudice, and dreams of doing what was then nearly unthinkable - marrying for love. Naturally, her parents are searching for a wealthy, well-appointed husband to assure their daughter's future social standing. They are eyeing Mr. Wisley, nephew to the very formidable, not to mention very rich, local aristocrat Lady Gresham, as a prospective match. But when Jane meets the roguish and decidedly non-aristocratic Tom Lefroy, sparks soon fly along with the sharp repartee. His intellect and arrogance raise her ire - then knock her head over heels. Now, the couple, whose flirtation flies in the face of the sense and sensibility of the age, is faced with a terrible dilemma. If they attempt to marry, they will risk everything that matters - family, friends and fortune.

Although I haven't read any Jane Austen classics or researched the author herself, I found myself really enjoying this movie. I think because I've seen a lot of the movie adaptations and could see where some of it is similar to Jane's life, as it was portrayed in this film.

James McAvoy is a great actor and I thought he was good for this part. But Anne Hathaway? I don't know. And her neck kind of bothered me. I'm shallow, I know.

There's one scene that really stuck with me and made me laugh - when Tom (James) and Jane are in the library. Tom is telling her about widening a certain lady's...horizons. Meanwhile, you know he actually means her legs. haha!!

In the end, I understand Jane's choice. And really, I need to hurry myself up and read some of her books already!

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I saw this in the theater and really liked it. I just got it for my roomie for V-Day. I'll have to watch it again.

I think I liked it better the second time around- and that's saying something! le sigh

Mollie-Good stuff. Hope your roomie likes it too!

Zeek-Le sigh is right. :P

I haven't seen the movie but seriously, you can't go wrong with her books! Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice are AWESOME. You just need to be able to read between the lines because like most books of that time, you can get lost in the language and side notes if you aren't careful. Expect to need to re-read some parts to fully grasp what the heck they are talking about.

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