Shows That Dropped Off My Radar.  

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I can remember a time when I was considered a hermit. I used to plan my life around my shows because that's how much I loved my shows. Because I didn't have DVR or TiVo, I had to be home in order to catch the shows that I wanted to watch. And back then, I had a whole ton of shows that I was faithful to.

Prison Break
One Tree Hill
Brothers and Sisters
October Road
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
CSI: Crime Scene Investigations
Law & Order: SVU
The Real World
The Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Friday Night Lights
Men in Trees

Well, you get the idea...don't you?

These days, I can't be arsed to watch a lot of shows. I don't catch up with them, I don't really have much to discuss about them (in our daily tv gushing emails) and this post serves to show you guys which shows have fallen off my radar this season.

October Road: I used to be so amped for this show (even before it started) because I'm a big Brian Greenberg fan, I loved him in One Tree Hill, I loved him in that one movie where they stole the SAT answers, I loved LOVED him in Prime and I still love him as Nick Garrett in October Road but I'm never home to watch it and I don't even bother looking it up online to catch up, I don't know what's wrong with me because I love me some Nick Garrett and EDDIE LUTEKKA!
Grey's Anatomy: I used to watch this show religiously. I had to be home every Sunday night before 10pm because there was no way that I was going to miss this mug. Even if I was out at someone's house on a Sunday evening and we were still there as it was creeping toward 10:00pm, I would stay at the house if I knew I wasn't going to make it home in time and make whoever I was with watch the show with me....but now? Meh.

Prison Break: Man, this was another one of my OMGOSH I have to be home to watch this. I was one of those WWMSD girls...I heart Michael Scofield but lately, I just haven't been watching this show and although I miss it, I don't miss it enough to catch up and start watching it again...seriously, I need to be checked into the looney bin, ME? Not want to watch hottie Wentworth Miller on the small screen? Dude...

Men in Trees: I used to watch this show with Holly, Isabel and some other ladies that we post with at our board but now anymore, when they took that long ol' hiatus, I never tuned in when they came back on was like one of those, out of sight, out of mind things and I just never went back to watching that show. That's too bad because I miss Jack, sometimes.

Those are my shows that I'm not watching anymore...what are yours?

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House. It used to be my show and now... I don't know. But I haven't been watching any tv lately, so it's hard to tell LOL

I'm with you on Grey's. I actually like Private Practice better now.

I still love Men in Trees and October Road though.

OH and we made a new friend, he looks just like Eddie from October Road, but better. Yes, better. :) He's so out of our league but we like being friends with him so we can drool over him. Who knows, maybe I'll be HIS Janet ;)


I used to watch House religiously but I don't I guess that show would qualify as a show that fell off my radar, huh?



Oh really? I don't watch Private Practice because that show comes on at the same time as Gossip Girl and I just never got into it. You should totally watch One Tree Hill, that's the show right there...seriously. That and Friday Night Lights, I swear everyone should watch that show because I absolutely love it!'ll be his Janet, you lucky girl you if you get to snare him! =)

I never got into Private Practice, I wasn't a big fan of Kate Walsh. Her eyebrows bother me. LOL

Men in trees. When it came on at 10 on friday nights I could watch it. But when started showing at 8, couldn't watch it.

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