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Growing up in L.A. you come across so many different kinds of people. Passionate people, coming from a family who loves music and dance, I have seen my fair share of dance crews and battles and what not (yes, most of them was in movies like Stomp the Yard and You Got Served, so what?) but as soon as I heard about Randy Jackson's new reality show that he had going on, I was more than a little excited because, a hip hop head I've always wanted to be and watching dance crews get their groove on and just rock out on the stage is something that I love to see.

Now on the show, there are a bunch of different crews from all over the country competing for the hip hop dance crew's top honor of AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW and I've already got some favorites. We've got crews from the East Coast, the West Coast, crews from the dirty south and I've got to say that my two favorite dance crews are from the west side (cause duh! The West Side is the BEST side) and Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern surely do represent Cali to the fullest.

Check them out for yourself, here's Jabbawockeez first performance on the show, look at how cool each of them look with their masks on and better yet, check out how fluid their moves and just the whole routine is...they know how to entertain that's for sure.

The other crew that I hecka love is a bunch of asians who can dance their a words off! Check out their first performance, which if you ask me is off the chains good!

Yeah, yeah blah blah blah on home girl who's parents don't understand her passion for dancing but dude, the crew as a whole is frickin' tight.

Here are the two dance crews performances from this past week's premiere episode.

Jabbawockeez. Dude, I LOVE THIS SONG!

Kaba Modern.

Tight, huh?

Now on to the crap that pissed me the hell off. After each episode, there's always a battle of the two lowest ranked dance crews and they have to battle their way back to stay in the competition. Now, this past week there were two dance crews that had to battle it out and here's first, their individual performances...from the show and then I'll show you the "battle"....if that's what you wanna call it.


They were pretty cool, I love all the acrobatics they use in their routine and that little asian kid can get down, ya heard? And seriously, I don't give a rats behind about their DRAMA (and hot damn they had plenty!) I don't care if Mouse is ugly and jealous and stupid, the kid can dance and plus, how can you hate a crew who did a routine (that rocked in my opinion) to I'M SO HOOD!!! That's the CUT right there! They're in no way the best crew on the show but they're not bad either.

Onto the other crew, Iconic.

To be honest, this routine bored me to tears, you know when Sanjaya sang on American Idol that one song by Stevie Wonder, the "I don't wanna bore you with this" well that's the song that was going through my head when I was watching this routine...I don't care how noble and wonderful Geo is, this routine sucked big donkey balls. IMO. All you Iconic fans out there, don't shoot me, because I'm still not going to like them. LOL.

But they did do a dance to my jiggity jizam, Cyclone.

Again, not the best crew on the show but not THAT bad, I just hmmm, didn't care for their routine...and their do gooder attitude is tired, there's too many noble crews out there, the other storyline with Mouse the Ass seemed more real to me, give me their dancing over these guys anyday...

Now on to the frickin' BATTLE! Who do YOU think won the battle?

Okay real talk, who did better? What the hell was in J.C.'s drink that he thought Iconic did better in THIS battle? They took forever to jump off and then when they did, they didn't wow me, they didn't do a hot damn thing, the girls were off and they didn't do any cool flips and tricks the way that Mouse's crew of bandits did...I mean, seriously? Shane Sparks ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? Lil' Mama is wack her damn self so she shouldn't have a hot damn thing to say about anyone, little bootleg Ciara wanna be.

Ugh, what's really going on? ICONIC SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME...but whatev, I'm actin' like I'm not going to be sitting at the TV this coming Thursday, loving Shane Sparks again, haha...

Until next week....GO JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!!

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