Fates of our Fav Shows....  

Posted by: Mollie

Now that the writer's strike is finally over we're all anxious to find out what's happening with our favorite shows. I commented on this to Zeek in my post on Supernatural but I thought I would share the link with everyone. I found this on E!online. I don't know if any of it is confirmed but it gives us viewers an idea of what might be happening with our favorite shows! Check it out!

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Thanks Mollie!!!! I want more Pushing Daisies!

I'm ready for more Supernatural and October Road but according to that article the outlook isn't too good for OR. :(

Great link Mollie!! Some of my faves (THE OFFICE!!) will be producing new shows. WOOT. I love it. :P

And hello, Joshua Jackson as Cristina's love interest on Grey's Anatomy? I don't think I'll ever see him as anything other than Pacey Whitter. So that's a big fat NO. I'd like to see how the writers pull that off! Muahahaha.

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