One Tree Hill- In Da Club and Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want  

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Last week's episode of One Tree Hill was just okay in my opinion, even though at the very end, I got so hot damn pissed off at Lucas that I wanted to poke his damn eyes out.


Cause we all know how damn well that the ring he bought was NOT for Lindsay.

I was dumbfounded when Peyton knocked on Lucas' door and Lindsay showed her "her" ring....what a stupid cop out. I swear Lucas gets lamer and lamer with each episode. His reasons for not wanting to love Peyton anymore?


And don't even get me started on that no good two bit tramp of a nanny, Carrie. Goodness, I wanted to smack Nathan when he looked at the balcony, knowing who was outside in the pool and what she was wearing..frickity frick.

I didn't have time to post this post two weeks ago (when I started it) so instead of getting rid of it, I'm just going to post my thoughts on last week's episode as well. It's amazing how much perspective a week can give a person. When I first saw last week's episode (which I watched with Grace here, SQUEEEE!!) I was so blind to everything that Grace was trying to get me to see because I'm such a big Leyton fan and I don't like the obstacles that they have to hop through just to be together again.

Gracie girl, I see it.

I see what Haley saw, I see what she means and I'm not even mad about it because're right.

Peyton is too late.

She wanted Lucas to wait until she was ready (and I still don't think that was a bad idea) but Lucas fell in love in the meantime and it isn't right for her to try to take that happiness away from him, even if it's with that skank Lindsay (which by the way, I still hate) but I'm glad that Peyton finally saw what she was doing and decided to follow in Keith's footsteps and step away from Lucas and her love for him and to bottle it up and be his friend because he wants her to move on and let go.

That scene when Peyton says, "I know, I didn't come here to rehash the past. I was reminded today in a roundabout way that the most perfect act of love is sacrifice. It's what Keith did for Karen, burying his feelings for her for all those years so that he could be a good friend. I love you Lucas, and I think I have since the first moment we locked eyes and it is going to SUCK but if what you want is for me to let go then I'm gonna do it. Be happy, Luc, I want that with all my heart."

It totally made me cry because I felt Peyton's helplessness. It showed just how mature she is and the letter she wrote to Molly, telling her to paint over her old closet and to go after whatever she's passionate about made me love Peyton all the more.

If what Lucas wants is to marry Lindsay then I guess I'll have to live with it for the moment but I don't think he does. I think he's running away from his past and his feelings, you know what he always does and I think he's going to regret it because that wedding to Lindsay is just not going to happen, you can take that to the bank. Lindsay is going to be the one to walk away from Lucas and Peyton is not going to know if Lucas really loves her or what...which makes more drama.

The whole Brooke and Owen thing is one of my favorite things about this show right now...I just love those two...and I can't wait to see more of them.

My favorite part of the show in general has always been Lucas and Peyton and all this angst and unrequited love is seriously the bomb....I can't wait for more!

Until tomorrow night.

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OMG How tacky was the ring business? Yikes!

Haha I'm glad you see where I'm coming from now. I knew you would eventually since you know, GMTA. :P

I'm really keen to see where the writers go with this, because there is definitely a lot of room for drama ahead! It'll make us mad, but hey..we still love it. Hehe.

Oh and Peyton's little speech to Lucas at the end? Yeah, definitely the best part of last week's episode.

I totally agree! I can't believe Lucas had the nerve to give Lindsey, PEYTON'S ring!! I can't wait til Brooke says something (at least I'm hoping she does!), because she's the only other person to know the ring was meant for Peyton.


I totally know what you mean, I mean seriously...and if Brooke doesn't say anything it's going to surprise me. I, too cannot wait until that scene when Brooke reminds Lucas of who he bought the ring for.



I read that there will be more episodes to come and that they have lots and lots of material for the future so that's really good news for us OTH fans, so WOO HOO!! And yeah, as much as it pains me to realize...Haley was right, even if she did basically call Peyton a whore for daring to still have feelings for may have been right about that but I still stand by my HALEY NEEDS TO QUIT WORRYING ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE'S PROBLEMS AND GO HOME AND TAKE CARE OF HERS!!

Ugh, Nanny Carrie quit, FINALLY!!! But why do I not think this is the end of her?


I just bawled at Peyton's speech to Lucas.....ridiculously sloppy bawling.

I hope that Lindsay realizes that Lucas will always love Peyton and walks away. The only way she could make me like her is to leave.

And seriously, dying her hair to look like Peyton? Talk about CREEPY! And her hair didn't even LOOK like Peyton's.

Nanny Carrie is f'ugly and I wish Nathan would just see through her, get over himself and tell that bitch to take a hike. Ugh.

AND It really doesn't seem like Haley is gone a lot, it really doesn't. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I get sick to my stomach thinking about the Carrie situation.

And I am soooooo stoked for tonights episode. Mike has class tonight so I won't be able to watch it but he's just gonna have to stay up late with me to watch it tonight because I CAN"T wait til the weekend this time around.

I'm sure the ring thing will come out during this knockdown drag out fight tonight.

One Tree Hill is back and better than ever!! From what my TV obsessed I-can-find-out-about-any-show-on-the-frickin-planet brother has been able to dig up, OTH has been picked up for next year! YEAH!

Yep, I heard that...One Tree Hill will definitely be back next year and I'm so super stoked about it!

Tonight's episode made me mad and made me wish for things that just aren't coming to pass yet but one can hope...I have hope dangit!

I hope you got to watch it...YAY YOU! I was kinda bummed that I didn't get to see any kind of footage from the game, it would have been nice to see something but whatev.

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