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Girls Next Door

Two episodes had the girls in Jamaica. They were attending Holly's sister's wedding. Oh my goodness, Jamaica is just beautiful. I want to go now. The girls did some wake boarding, jumped off these cliffs and ate at this restaurant where it was on the beach. They even saw a little crab scurrying about.

The other episode I watched was Bridget's birthday. They were having another murder mystery party. I think I like the first one better. But this one still looked like it was fun. And how they made the mansion all haunted was awesome.

Another thing they showed was Bridget, Kendra and Barbie Benton taking pole dancing lessons at the gym. One guy just sat there and watched them. Ha ha. And their instructor! Oh my. He was wearing tighty whities except there were red.

No drama between Barbie and Holly though. Darn.

Prison Break

I have mixed emotions about the finale.

Again, I have to ask. How are Bellick and T-Bag still alive? How is T-Bag in charge? Ugh.
I feel so bad for Sucre. I thought for sure he'd cave, but he didn't. I was afraid he would meet his demise. No, he's just stuck in Sona. I wonder how Linc and Michael will find out about Sucre. Will they break him out?

Michael is one smart cookie. He had a very good plan for something last minute. The look on Gretchen's face when she saw the metal detectors at the museum. ha ha! And LJ laughing at her. Priceless.

Micheal had his chance to shoot Gretchen and he didn't. He doesn't have it in him to kill Gretchen. I know he wants to avenge Sarah but I don't think he can. By the way, wasn't it sweet when LJ gave Michael the paper flower he made for Sarah in season one. Awwww....

Which brings me to ask, why oh why did they have to chop off Sarah's head? They could have at least done something where it could be a possibility she could be alive.

Mahone join forces with Whister and Gretchen. Don't know about that. Even knowing Michael will come after them all, he agreed. I wonder what it is they will be doing.

I don't like that Michael and Linc parted ways. Don't like that at all. I don't know what season 4 will break us. Don't even know if there will be a season 4. I've heard rumors of the show being canceled. Which will suck since they ended it with Michael in the car going after the trio.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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