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So as soon as I finished Season 1, I immediately dived into Season 2 which picks up right where Season 1 left off (imagine that!). Here's a recap for you on who the Winchester men are:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester, father to Dean and Sam.
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, big brother to Sammy.
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester.

Check out this great recap of Season 1. Did I mention I love the music for this show??!!!

Now onto Season 2!


So we open with the Winchester men all banged up from the car wreck. Sam and John are battered and bruised but for the most part alright. Dean, on the other hand, is in a bad way. Very bad, life-threateningly bad, fear the Reaper bad.

In fact in this episode his spirit, wandering around while he lies comatose in the hospital, is trying to outrun a Reaper. And, as we've seen in previous Supernatural episodes, if a Reaper's after your ass, that's it, GAME OVER; there's no out running a Reaper. So, how does Dean escape his supposed fate? Well, Daddy Dearest, steps in and makes a deal with a demon. The yellow-eyed demon that killed his wife; the demon they've been hunting for all through Season 1. So John trades his soul for Dean's life.

Ok, so let me take a quick break here to bitch for a second. Why oh why does every everyone hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan so much??! They kill him off in EVERY show!! Let's reminisce: on Grey's Denny dies, on Weeds he's already dead but appears in flashbacks and now, on Supernatural, they wack him too. GRRRRRRRARGHGGGGGGGGR! I'm so ANGRY. We didn't get enough of him as it is on Supernatural then they went and killed him. DAMNIT.

Alright, back to the plot. So John sacrifices himself so that Dean can live. Understandably, Sam and Dean are crushed by their Dad's death. It's also, important to note they don't know that he made a deal with a demon, they suspect as much but they don't know for sure.

The majority of the episodes in Season 2 deal with Sam and Dean coming to terms with their fathers death, as well as learning more about the Psychic abilities that Sam has developed. Sam has visions of peoples death's that usually come true. While on the road hunting Sam and Dean come across several other people like Sam. People the same age, whose psychic abilities all started around the same time. It is around this time that Dean reveals to Sam the last thing John told Dean before he died. John told Dean he was either going to have to save Sam or kill him.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeah. Ouch.

Throughout the course of the season it is revealed that the yellow-eyed demon has plans for these "special children"; it is speculated that he is building an apocalyptic army and these psychics are to be his soldiers.

Damn Sam! (Pun intended).

So, while Dean and Sam are off on a routine hunt, Sam up and disappears only to find himself in an abandoned, haunted town with several other Psychics such as himself. Turns out Yellow-Eyes has brought the Psychics here as part of a Supernatural Gladiators contest with last man sanding landing a role as the leader of the demon's army.

While Sam is duking it out with his fellow Psychics to stay alive, Dean (and their Dad's friend Bobby) are franticly searching for Sam having no idea where he's disappeared to. Before the Supernatural Gladiators contest got too intense one of the Psychics was able to send some images to Dean to help him pinpoint their location. Dean turns to some other hunters at the local Roadhouse but finds it has burnt to the ground, killing several of his friends and others missing.

Bobby and Dean make it to the abandoned ghost town just in time to see Jake, one of the other Psychics, stab Sam in the back and he dies in Dean's arms. YEP, DIES. DEAD. GONE. KAPUT.

Well, you know Dean's having none of that. So, Dean pulls a John Winchester and summons a demon to trade his soul for Sam's life.

Now, this whole scenario goes back to one of the previous episodes, Crossroad Blues, in which several people made deals with a demon, who granted whatever the asked for. But they only had 10 years to live before the demon came back to claim their soul.

Because Dean is a Winchester there is no way this demon was going to let him hang around for 10 years fighting supernatural forces so they haggle back and forth about how long before the demon returns for Dean's soul. The poor bastard only gets ONE YEAR. And the demon tells him if he tries to get around or back out of the deal in anyway the deal is off and Sam will drop dead.

Damn. That sucks. But he's got Sammy back and that's all that matters to him. Obviously he doesn't tell Sam what he's done.

Now, Bobby was with Dean when Sam died. So, imagine his surprise when a healthy Sam walks up the next day. Bobby knows that Dean has made some kind of deal and is unable to hide his surprise at seeing Sam, which makes Sam suspicious.

The season culminates in a gigantic cluster fuck when James (remember the dick that stabbed Sam in the back), at Yellow-Eyes bidding goes to open the gateway to hell. Sam, Dean, Bobby, and their friend Ellen all go to stop him. James is shocked to see Sam alive insisting that he killed Sam. James manages to open the gates to hell letting loose 100's of demons before being killed.

Damned if I don't love this next part:
Yellow-Eyes also shows up to the scene and tells Dean that perhaps when Sam returned from the dead that he's not "100% pure Sam" and proceeds to try to kill Dean. However, John Winchester who has crawled out of hell (remember he traded his soul to the demon for Dean's life) saves Dean and allows Dean to shoot Yellow-Eyes with the Colt that will kill any supernatural entity. At this point, John's soul departs, to where I don't know but I'm sure that's not the last we'll see of him.

After the gates of Hell are shut, Sam demands some answers from Dean. Knowing somethings not right. Dean then reveals to Sam the deal he made with the demon, leaving out the part about Sam dropping dead if Dean tries to get out of the deal. Sam insists he will find a way to save Dean.

I was wondering how long they would stretch out the vengeance on Yellow-Eyes plot line and what would keep Dean and Sam hunting once they'd finally killed the bastard. Guess, now we know they've got their hands full with the hundreds of demons that escaped from hell.

If that is about as clear as mud, here's a video for ya!

I'm still LOVING this series. I love the music. Love how Dean and Sam's relationship evolves and how they struggle with their Dad's death. How Dean struggles with the sacrifice John made for him and how he turned around and made the same sacrifice for Sam. Good stuff.


I've started downloading episodes from Season 3 on iTunes so I should be all caught up in no time.

Anyone else started on this series yet? If not, get on it ASAP.

Some link love:
Supernatural TV great site for all things Supernatural.
Why is No One Watching Supernatural?
Official CW Site

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That was a great season! What did you think of the tall tales episode where they encounter Loki? I laughed my butt off the entire time!

The guy who plays the Dad DOES get killed off in every show he appears in, but damn he's hunky, isn't he?

As far as the third season- they haven't gotten much further because of the writer's strike, AND I don't see how they can possibly resolve the Dean's gonna die after a year thing in the few eppy's remaining!

So far season two has been my favorite.

I know poor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, we can never get enough.

Loved the Tall Tales episode. Also the Rabbit's foot one was awesome. My favorite is when Sam loses his shoe. He's just standing there so downtrodden and forlorn, so pathetic. LOVED it.

I also LOVED the episode where the go to Hollywood and Dean gets all into being a PA. And they make reference to Gilmore Girls (which Jared P. was on) too funny.

Those are my favorite episodes the ones that are funny rather than scary. I liked the prison one too. Sam was so scared and Dean just fit right in. Sam even says doesn't it bother you that you fit in so well here...Dean's like...nope. LOL. Love it.

Yep the prison one was good too!

I liked the one where they were in a bank with that shapeshifter (i think the ep was called Nightshifter?). That Renegade song by Styx at the end fit PERFECT!

"Oh mama, I'm in fear for my life
From the long arm of the law
Lawman has put an end to my running
And I'm so far from my home ..."

:snort: Dean as a PA. Classic.

In this third season he's seriously having issues with the load of responsibilities on him and the possibility of going to hell. Not so funny, but goooood!

Yes that song is PERFECT!

The music is one of my favorite things about this show!!!

Whomever is in charge of the music does an excellent job.

I'm still waiting for some Spirit in the Sky and I'd like to hear some Magic Carpet Ride or other Steppenwolf, I'm working on downloading a bunch of music from the show to have my own Supernatural Soundtrack.

That Supernatural TV has a page with the Music broken down by that's awesome.

(HEY it ate my reply!)

heh, that's where I found the tit'e of the song!! I'd love to here Spirit in the Sky too someday on that show!

Yea, I was kind of surprised it hadn't shown up by now!

So, now that the writer's strike is over do you think they're going to finish out Season 3 (read somewhere that this week's episode is the last new episode). I hope it gets renewed for a 4th season!!!!!!!!!! I'll be pissed if it doesn't!

yes I read that too! I don't think they'll resolve the issue with Dean by this week because they really haven't touched it much until the last two eps!

It BETTER be renewed, considering we got SCREWED this year!

You say no one is watching? (link) I read so much about this guys on different blogs that I feel like I'm the last person in America who hasn't seen them.

Watching episodic TV is difficult for me because we have a crazy schedule in this house. Maybe I'll have to just go buy Season I and check it out.


The link talking about No one Watching is basically detailing the reasons why only 2-3 million viewers are watching as opposed to the 20ish or so watching shows like Lost and whatnot.

2-3 million viewers doesn't sound like nobody right??! In television, I guess it is. Sigh.

I would def get season 1 (but I'm biased!) Target has it on sale for 29.99, saw it yesterday. :)

I have trouble keeping up with various shows too...that was until I got the DVR. It's a little miracle in a box! I can record and then watch at my own discretion! LOVE IT.

I'm missing shows too- but I watch them online the next day over my lunch hour! (Just had to do that with Lost! I'll catch Supernatural next week before Thursday- OH it looks like THIS Thursday's MIGHT be the last one for the season. POOH!)


I do kind of remember reading somewhere that this next episode is the last of Season 3. Boo.

I'm almost all caught up. I just downloaded and watched the Christmas episode. So cute. I love these boys. Anyway now I think all the episodes are online, and I've DVRed the last....2 or 3 episodes I think. So when I finish them I'll be posting on Season 3.

This writer's strike really did screw us over. Sigh.


Don't know if it's true/gonna happen but gives us a ray of hope:


Executive Producer Erik Kripke Says: "I would say we can probably get three, maybe four episodes in the can. I think three is the safe number to say probably. So, I hope so...I just hope. Obviously we all love the show and want to get back to work!"

"What We're Hearing: Supernatural has been asked to produce five or six more episodes this season."

From Eonline:


::Cheering on writers::


Last week's episode was really good! The loki demon is back and it starts off rather funny then gets very intense!

This Thursday they're referring back to the nightshifter episode from season two- another fav! Looks to be a goodie too!


I'm all caught up now!!! Yea last weeks was interesting. Poor Sam. lol.

I"m so excited to watch this weeks, having finally caught up. Only to have it be the last new episode for awhile (right?)!

I laughed at this little interchange:

dean: "did I look cool dying like that?"
sam: "you pissed yourself."
dean: "hey people do that when they die!"

Who knows whether it'll be the last eppy of the season, sure would be cool it not! I haven't heard anything more.

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