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Thanks to Grace, I am now addicted to yet another TV show. I've heard lots of people talking about this show but I never caught any of the shows as I didn't know when and where to find the show to watch but Grace told me that I should check it out and this week, I penciled in some Mick St. John time and boy am I glad that I did.

This show follows P.I. Mick St. John and Buzz Wire Reporter Beth Turner, the thing that sets Mick apart from everyone else out there is he's a vampire...and Beth is a human and of course they've got that forbidden love thing going on. Mick is in love with Beth but he knows that it will never work because of what he is and the drinking her blood thing. Beth doesn't care about him being a vampire and she's very understanding about him having to drink human blood from the blood bank to survive.

The make a good team and they always end up chasing cases and stories together. They help each other out and they're cute to watch.

I don't know what it is about this show but I like it. the cheese factor is at an all time high and the roll my eyes down the street thing goes on for days with this show but still, I really like it and will be tuning in when it comes back.

Mick's got some stuff that he's going through with the ex wife thing and I really enjoy watching that part of the show. Coraleen really does love her some Mick to come back from the dead for him and just everything that happens between these two was really sweet, even though I want him to ultimately end up with Beth (some way, somehow) but right now, Beth is not likeable to me...the way she blames Mick for what happened to Josh, seriously pissed me off.

The whole vampire community they have here in L.A. cracks me up. They live in my area code because Josh's cell phone number is (310) 555-0119, haha! And when Mick is talking to the cleaner lady that cleans up after all the vampires, she gave it up to my town of Torrance with this:

Mick: You get a lot of work lately?
The Cleaner Lady: Some thugs downtown, some gangsters in TORRANCE!

LOL! Me and my nieces were laughing a lot when that went down, gangsters in Torrance? HA! We don't have any gangsters here in Torrance and we'd like to keep it that way.

One thing that had me rolling my eyes down the street was when Josh is bleeding all over everything and VAMPIRE Mick is in the thick of all of that blood, playing nurse and not one lick of bloodthirst hit him....ARE YOU SERIOUS? He didn't turn into a vampire after ALL that exposed blood before him? Maybe he doesn't like guy blood, he only likes girl blood or something.

But man, I really like the characters in this show and I'm really digging the storyline between Mick and Beth then Mick and Coralene and then Josef and's all so cute and the episodes are always entertaining and it's reminiscent of Buffy and Angel and even though Mick does some retarded stuff that cracks me the heck up, I still love it and will continue watching.

I totally recommend this show to ya'll out there wanting to watch something good during the week...

Thanks Grace for the pimp!

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maybe he's like Carisle (sp) in Twilight in that he worked hard to control his blood lust? lol.

If you want some good supernatural action.........WATCH SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!! LOL. :)

I've wanted to watch this but haven't gotten around to it. Sigh.

Yeah but Carlisle was like hundreds of years old..Mick is only 82, yeah he's still pretty much a babe. It made me roll my eyes down the street.


I'm totally going to watch Supernatural...all the seasons soon, it's on my list! I love Eric from Days, haha.

This is one of my new favorite shows. I sure miss it.

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