Friday Night Lights: The Season Finale.  

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So I read online that tonight's episode is the season finale and I'm sorry to see this show go away so soon...I mean, I love this show and I never ever want it to run out of episodes because this show is my feel good show, the show that always makes me feel good (I hardly ever get mad when I'm watching this show the way that I get when I'm watching One Tree Hill), it's the one show that makes me wish that I lived in Dillon, Texas and makes me want to be a cheerleader so that I can try to catch Matt's eye. LOL.

And the dumb thing about it all is that I'm totally serious.

I also heard that after tonight's show NBC doesn't know if they're going to renew the series and to be honest, I'm going to cry if they let this show go. It's probably the best show on NBC right now and it's the best show that nobody's watching, although I know that there are a lot of people watching this show.


Tonight's episode was fantastic. It had everything in it, surprise, intrigue and all things nice. The whole thing with Jason and homegirl that he hooked up with all those weeks ago, wow...for that to come to pass kinda makes me roll my eyes but at the same time, it made me smile for Jason because he didn't take the news of him becoming a Daddy the way I thought he'd take it, he embraced it and it was really cool...I liked it. Go Jason! Your swimmers work buddy!

Gosh, look at how different everything is in the space of a year. Last year, Jason was walking and playing football. He was the big man on campus and this year, he's paralyzed, working as a car salesman and getting some girl that's totally not Lyla pregnant. This year, Lyla is in love with Tim Riggins but is not acting on her feelings for him, even though she knows good and well that Riggins feels the same, if not, more for her than she for him. She's also been saved and has turned her life over to the Church and then we have Matt and Julie are not together anymore and Matt is in love with his grandma's nurse.


Frickin' Carlotta for breaking my baby's heart.

What cracked me up about tonight's episode was Riggins. That fool went and got himself a sports talk show on the radio, at the same hot dang radio station that Lyla and Logan (I don't even know his name on this show) have their Christian radio show at. It frickin' cracks me the heck up. That boy is in love with the girl and she just don't want to own up to her feelings. And that's what she gets when Logan walks out on her trampy butt when she tried to throw herself at him. Dude, she is totally in love with Riggins, only time will reveal it.

Coach Taylor cracked me up in this show too, when he lunged for Mo at the restaurant, I was cracking the hell up. He went shot for shot with that fool and then said, "Red light" and dove...oh heck, I love Coach Taylor. I don't understand why Tami thought it would be a good idea to hang out (all those many different times) with her high school sweetheart and then have her husband go along with that would make it all better. I swear, that lady is retarded stupid. Seriously. Ugh, I'm so glad Coach put that fool in his place.

I have got to agree with Matt, I hope that I'm wrong because I like Landry and he seems to be very happy with Tyra but I can't shake the feeling that she's not for real in her feelings for him. I can't help but think that the only reason she's so interested in Landry is because he was moving on ...she didn't have him to do every little thing that she wanted him to and really, it was good that Matt told him how he saw things...I was glad that Matt didn't let him go through
everything without telling him what he really thought.

I swear, Jason is too cute! Paralyzed and all but goodness, the way he looks at the good side of everything is just too effing cute. His room mate, the other paralyzed home dude creeps me the heck out but Jason ...Jason is just frickin' bomb, I love him!


But my man is and always will be, Matt Saracen and I hated that we didn't get much of him in tonight's show.

Great episode, but it didn't feel like a finale...but I guess it wouldn't be since it was the last show they taped before that blasted writer's strike.

Ugh, blasted strike!

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I didn't watch it yet! I also didn't know it was the season finale. :( Ah well, I can watch the other seasons, woot!

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