Army Wives  

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1) Claudia Joy better not be raped. Someone better walk in that door and save her. Or she better knock him the hell out. She's been through enough.

2) I understand why Roland told Joan about Trevor but I also understand why Roxy is upset at Roland for telling Joan.

3) I don't like what they are doing to Trevor's character at all.

4) Pam needs to tell Chase about her stalker. And she shouldn't be putting herself out there as bait.

5) Ha ha Denise. Frank up and left you. You wanted the separation and now you got. I get that you've changed and Frank does need to be open about it. But do you really expect Frank to not forget you almost fell in love with another man and that you kissed him. What would you have done? I don't blame Frank if he leaves your sorry ass.

6) Joan better be ok.

Those are my thoughts on last night's show.

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I haven't watched this week's episode yet...I DVR'd it so I'll watch it as soon as I can and then I'll be back to discuss with you.

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