Lauren and Audrina Finally Talk...  

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...and if you ask me, it's about damn time.

I have no idea why I'm so obsessed with this show, but I am. It's a guilty pleasure that I can't help but get absorbed in week in and week out. I am utterly smitten with Brody Jenner and he is your typical frat boy who parties his life away but goodness, he's just so funny and so cute and so yummy that I don't even care that he's a womanizer.

Anyway, so Sunday night they had a bonus episode where we see the crew (Lauren, Lo, Stephanie, Brody, Doug, Frankie, Audrina and Justin) fly to Vegas to celebrate Frankie's birthday. Only all this crap goes down, drama between the girls and then the boys sans Frankie get thrown into the girls are all worried about Brody and Doug, trying to find out what jail they're at and what happened and how do they bail them out when Frankie brings them home and they're all happy go lucky because they didn't go to jail, jail, they were in the casino jail pressing charges on some random guy who wanted to party with them and they didn't want to so the guy got physical with them.


So anyway, on Sunday night, Brody made Stephanie cry because he called her a psycho and warned Lauren about how crazy she can be. So like the idiot that Stephanie is, she brings that up at dinner where Brody has been trying to be cool and whatever and starts crying when Brody starts to tell her how it is.

*rolls eyes*

Anyway, I felt bad for Frankie since so much drama went down on his birthday and none of the drama was his drama. Poor thing, but dude he had a girl there that was pretty cute. Go Frankie!

Back at home, Heidi's sister, Holly moves in with them and after 48 hours or so, Spence shows how big of an ass he can be by telling her that him AND Heidi want her gone from their apartment so she takes off. And then Heidi comes home and she doesnt even really say much to Spencer about kicking HER SISTER out of their apartment. He was such an asshole to Holly and all Heidi says is, "I can never talk to you"...WTF? Throw something at him, throw some bow's or somethin' sheesh.

Then the show ends with everyone making up. Holly and Heidi have it out and then have their little teary reunion complete with all of the "I love you" and Heidi has a lot of BF's because I've heard that, "You're my best friend" line so many hot damn times from her, it's like...seriously? You don't have any friends, you only have Spencer and he's an ass that nobody else wants. *shakes*

Audrina and Lauren make up as well. They've been having all this drama between them and neither of them know why. So they finally talk, work things out and Lauren cries black tears and Audrina cries fake tears and then they hug and make up too. I was glad to see that Audrina was the one to go searching Lauren out to have this talk because I've only ever seen Lauren do the groveling so it was good to see Audrina taking the time to try to fix their friendship and then it was also good to see Lauren apologize because she has been being kinda shady to Audrina so woo hoo, alls well in the Bosworth/Conrad/Patridge household now.

Can't see what next week brings!

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I missed the bonus episode, but I saw last night's.

Spencer is a jerk. A total jerk. Why Heidi hasn't kicked him to the curb, I don't know.

I don't know either...because she's just as dumb as he?

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