Bones Season Premiere  

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Recap here.

I watched all of season 1. Saw the end of Season 3 so I still have a bit of catching up to do.

I thought the season premiere was meh. The first case they solved, ewwwww.... the brother and sister who didn't know they were brother and sister. Gross.

But my main issue was Angela and Hodge's storyline. So Angela gets her divorce. The boss lady sleeps with Angela's ex. Which I get why Angela would be a little annoyed with that. Your co worker sleeping with your ex. Not a cool thing to do. And I get Hodges would be annoyed the ex hadn't left. But I don't get why they broke up. Am I missing something?

Other than that, wasn't too impressed with season premiere.

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Hmmmm ... where have I see this pic?!

Gosh, I haven't seen this show in soooo long.

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