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Ok, it's episode three of True Blood and I think we need a gut check. What are your thoughts on this series so far?

I'm liking it so far although I don't like what happens with Tara and Sam. I guess this stems from how Sam is with Sookie in the books, so it kind of feels like a betrayal to me. LOL

Nothing big that's turning me off otherwise, I'm pleased with the pacing and like how Sookie seems to be in a jam at the end of every episode.

And I crack up at how Bill says Sookie. Sookie Sookie - She's mine!

And Sookie's all, HELL NO. Truly good stuff. And the theme song, I wanna do bad things to you. So raw.

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Last night me and two of my friends watched the 2nd then the 3rd episode. We're really liking it. Althought we were all yelling at Sam..."Don't do it Sam. No, Sam don't do it." He did it. We were pissed. lol.

Did your friends read the books Mollie?

If not, it's interesting that they had that reaction too. Poor lonely Sam. Awwww.

I didn't like Sam and Tara together either - and I only read the first book (and remember very, very little).

I'm liking the show overall, though. Except for the way they pronounce Sookie's name. In my head I hear it the way it was pronounced on Gilmore Girls. But that's just me. :o)

C2-I pronounce it Sue-key. But I guess in the south they say it sookee. LOL

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