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Jesus Christ Superstar

Burper loaned me the movie. Wow. It was interesting and it makes me wonder which drugs they were using when they did this movie. ha ha. But it was entertaining. After the movie I kept humming Superstar and King Herod's song.

I think it's still on demand. Worth checking out if you like Andrew Lloyd Weber.


I didn't care for it. Had I seen this movie first, I probably wouldn't have wanted to watch the musical.

Also was on demand. So if your bored, check it out.

Street Kings

I had a headache the night we watched this movie. I was confused at the end. Joey had to explain they are all freaking dirty except Keanu had a little honor in him.

It was all right. Joey enjoyed it though.

Full Metal Jacket

I have to be in a war movie mood. War movies really aren't my cup of tea. Since I had my headache, I stuck just laying on the couch. Moving made the room spin so I had no choice but to kind of watch/listen to this movie.

First of all.. I didn't know that's where "Me so horny" and "Me love you long time." came from!!!! Dang.

My husband's favorite quote, which I can't believe I can't find on youtube in english. Click here. If it doesn't work, watch this video and here is the translation:

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: [chanting] This is my rifle.
Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: [grabbing their crotches] This is my gun.
Marines: This is for fighting.
Marines: [grabbing their crotches] This is for fun.

And yes, Joey sometimes walks around doing that.

Anyway, I did like the movie. I thought it was jacked up what they did to Pyle. But then I'd be pissed too if I was being punished for Pyle's mistakes. I asked Joey, "Why did they even let him in. You can tell he's not all there!"

So if you're in a war movie mood, this one is worth checking out.

Spiderman 3

Sucked. I don't care for the Spiderman movies. Never been into Spiderman. The first one was all right. Second one... meh. This one just sucked for me.

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I love war movies and FMJ is a classic.

Love it.

LMAO LMAO, I'm totally laughing my ass off at Joey's favorite quote.

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