Movie Review: The List.  

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Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Hilarie Burton, Will Patton, Pat Hingle, Mary Beth Piel, etc.
Rating: PG, for thematic elements including some peril and brief incidental smoking.
Grade: C

After the battle of Gettysburg, a small group of South Carolina plantation owners realize that the fall of the Confederacy is inevitable. Coming together on a stormy night at the Rice Planter's Inn in Georgetown, S.C., they formulate a desperate plan to smuggle gold and silver to safe havens in Europe. Out of this meeting is born a secret society known as The Covenant List of South Carolina, Ltd. A hundred and fifty years later, Renny Jacobson, a young Charlotte lawyer, learns that his father has suddenly died. Returning home to Charleston, Renny is shocked to discover that his father bequeathed his significant estate to charity, only leaving Renny an interest in an unknown, obscure entity--The List. Along with a beautiful young woman named Jo Johnston, Renny is caught in a web of intrigue, deception, greed and spiritual warfare that reaches from the steamy coasts of South Carolina to the secret vaults of Swiss banks.

I wanted to see this movie because Hilarie Burton was in it. I'm a big HB fan because of her character on One Tree Hill so I wanted to support her and buy this dang movie but man, I didn't really care for this movie. I didn't think it was the worst movie out but it wasn't the best movie either.

This is one of those secret society movies, a secret society that's been up and running since the Civil War when the rich guys from the south were trying to stay rich and they were hording their money or whatever, it was supposed to be kept a secret and the secret was passed down from son to son since the beginning of the union thing, well it was until Jo's father died before he could have a son, leaving only Jo, his daughter living to hold down the fort.

I really enjoyed Hilarie Burton's character in this movie. She was so down to earth and she just had a great personality. I loved how her character changed Renny's character from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. She brought out the best in him and I was glad for it because when he was being dumb and it was all about money for him, I was like, ehhh get over it!

Overall, this movie was just okay...I thought it could have been a lot better than it actually was but it wasn't the worst ever. I enjoyed the love story that grew between Renny and Jo and I enjoyed Renny's land lady and his maid servant lady, they were so cutie patootie and warm. I didn't care for the paranormal effect they had going on over there but blah about that.

Would I recommend this? I wouldn't recommend to buy it, rent it first and if you enjoy it more than I did, then you can buy it but I'd give this one a test drive before shucking out the $18 for this movie.

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