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My thoughts on last night's Prison Break. Episode Recap is here.

YAY! They got the second card. I'm thinking finding the card holder's and getting the info will be done quickly. The break in is what they'll drag out for the season. Because it is pretty fast how they figured out the two card holders just like that and were able to obtain the info.

I know I say this every week but how is T-Bag still around? I told a co worker, "They were able to round up the entire gang just like that. But for whatever reason, T-Bag will be able to evade them." Or... they'll have to make him part of the group. Which will annoy me.

I'm still on the fence with Sarah. Sometimes she looks guilty of hiding something or having a second agenda. Other times I really think she's on the same side as Michael. Damn my mom putting that thought in my head.

Did I miss something about Michael's nose bleeds? Why is it happening? Rowena asked if Michael used while in Sona. Not to my knowledge. If someone can clear this up for me, I'd appreciate it.

ok, i searched around the net. From what I read, Michael is ill, nothing fatal. Has to do with him being so smart and something from his mother's side of the family. The nosebleeds play a major part in the story. Interesting. He better not die. I'll be pissed.

Assassin dude is close on their heals. I'm wondering if he'll stay alive or if Mahone will avenge his son's death. It also looks like Gretchen is close to escaping too. I'm wondering whose side is she on? Will she team up with Michael and the gang? Hmmmm.

And didn't Michael and Linc look damn sexy in the cop outfits. Yummy. That's it for this episode.

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So, Again, I have to skip everything you wrote. But I finished the first season!!!!

After I finished the last episode, I ran out to Half Price Books, then Walmart, then Target to see if any of them had Season 2. No such luck so I used my Amazon gift card and ordered it!

LOVE IT!!!!!! Can't wait to get caught up. I'm going to have to start DVRing the new season!!!!!

I'm glad you liked season 1. I think that my fav season so far. But could imagine how we all felt having to wait a WHOLE SUMMER for season 2 to start. Ugh. Torture.

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