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I didn't write up a post about my thoughts on 90210 because I've been lazy, but I'm here now and I've got lots to say.

First off, the high school scenes when they're at the actual high school (and not in the parking lot) is not Torrance High but El Segundo High. My little cousins go to that school so I recognized the grounds and I know what Torrance High looks like on the inside and it's definitely not like that.

But anyway, so this show has been just so so for me lately and I think it's because there have been NO scenes with my fav, Navid in them!

I still have to watch it every week but I'm getting more mad the less I'm seeing of Navid.

Is it sad that I'm more excited to see all of the tid bits having to do with the old 90210 folks? I'm more interested in Kelly Taylor and Ryan Matthews and I'm more interested in having Brenda around for more episodes. I'm dying for Luke Perry to change his mind about coming back to the show and be a father to Sammy.

But as for the new folks of 90210, they're good too.

I don't like Ty and Annie. (I don't like Annie very much either but still, Ethan's her lobster) I don't like Ethan and Naomi either. Ethan and Annie are the couple we have to follow through this show because their happy ending is not going to be coming any time soon. They're the Lucas and Peyton of this show. So I'm really looking forward to seeing where these two's storyline will go.

What I don't understand though is in last week's episode, Ethan broke his date with Annie because he was out with Naomi. But Annie was waiting for him in the day time and he didn't go out with Naomi until night time so why couldn't he go out with the both of them?

As of right now though, my favorite "couple" or almost couple as it is, is Dixon and Silver. Those two are adorable and the way they flirt is so in your face and not beat around the bush, it's too cute! I'm looking forward to more throughout the season between these two.

On tonight's episode we see who Bitchy McSlutty is and I'm not impressed with her. What a jealous little shit she is and I was mad that well, I wasn't mad because the only thing that I was mad about is Navid hasn't been on the show in two weeks, BRING HIM BACK DAMMIT!

Does anyone even care about the state of Naomi's parents marriage? I know, I don't. I don't even care about Naomi, do you guys remember that Keeping Up with the Kardashian episode where the family went up to the mountains and Kim is being a baby and she's crying and then gets pissed off because Kourtney was laughing at her and then we find out that the reason Kourtney was laughing is because Kim looks so ugly when she cries? Well that episode flashed in my head when Naomi started crying cause she caught her dad cheating on her mom. I hope that in the future, Naomi won't have cause to cry because it's not a nice sight at all. I'd rather pull my hair out one strand at a time than to see that again.

So anywho, I like this show and I want to continue to watch it so I'm going to give it a couple more weeks for the writers to get their butts in gear and bring Navid back into the picture before I toss the towel in on this show. Kelly Taylor isn't a permanent fixture on this show and neither is Brenda, Dylan isn't coming back and if Navid isn't either there's nothing for me to stick around for.

So let's cross our fingers I don't have to give up on this show.

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I am so rooting for Annie and Ethan also! Love them together. Dixon and Silver are cute also.

Like you, I watch for the snippets of the original cast. Even if they're not on air, I like to hear about what happened to the characters.

I missed this week's show cuz I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere with no TV but oddly enough we have the internet. BUt I can't watch US shows online cuz I just can't.


I noticed that Ethan/Naomi thing at night thing too!! I went WTF? Stupid Annie. She annoys me.


Me too! I'm really hoping that they get together soon but I'm okay with waiting for a bit...but not too long.


Wasn't that crap so stupid? I thought so. Stupid Ethan. I miss Navid dammit!

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