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FOX has a new show out called Fringe and it stars my favoritest guy from Dawson's Creek. Joshua Jackson. Goodness it's so good to see Joshua Jackson acting again on the small screen. I didn't know that this show was premiering this week so I'm just getting around to watching this show but man, did I enjoy the heck out of it.

So much happened in the pilot that it was hard to keep up at first but to stop watching this show was not an option.

I was hooked right from the very first airplane scene. Of course, I was hooked because I wanted to see Pacey again, I wanted to see what his role in this show would be and I'm so glad that I did continue watching because the show is really interesting.

There's so much going on and even though I don't need another show to keep up with every week (especially considering this show comes on at the same as my Monday night shows on the CW. *sigh*) but dude, I'm totally hooked on this show and I will be watching this even though it's kinda gross with all the skin melting and stuff, but this show is all fast paced and crazy action packed and everything else that had me at the edge of my seat.

Did you anyone else watch this show? Is anyone else going to be watching this show with me throughout the season? For those who did watch this show, what did you think? Thoughts on what you saw?

I'm so excited to see how this show pans out throughout the rest of this season, there so much scientific stuff that has me all intrigued. But most of all, they've got my hottie loving self all giddy at the thought of seeing Josh Jackson every Monday night and that's definitely something that I can look forward to. Especially if I can see him kicking bad guy ass like I did in this episode, man he's hella hot when he's all kicking ass, woo hoo!

Oh and another thing I absolutely love about Josh Jackson in this show? His brain! BRAINIACS ARE SEXY DAMMIT!

Bring on the Fringe!

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I saw the first 5 minutes last night. So gross.

it wasn't bad after that Izzie! You shoulda hung in there! (I don't like gross stuff either, usually.)

But HANG YEAH I'm watching this one!

(Already shipping for Olivia and Pacey!)


I'm so loving this show right now! Izzy give it another go, good!

Yep, I'm in. I love the banter between the father and son and obviously there are lots of secrets to be found out.


Ok ok. I dvr'd this show. LOL (I love my dvr btw) and I'll make a point of watching it. :P

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