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Last night was the premiere of that famous zip code, 90210 and I, for one watched the entire show.

I mean, they promised Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh, how could I not watch?


It was like coming home. It's so funny to see them filming at "West Beverly" again or in my real world, Torrance High, which is the high school that my nephew Jarred just graduated from last year and while I'm typing out this post, is the high school that is literally two minutes away from me right now. It's where Brenna plays basketball and it has the football stadium that I HATE. But wow does it look good on screen. LOL.

Anyway, as for how much I liked the show..I really enjoyed it. It's a good mix of old school 90210 (NAT IS BACK TOO!) and new school 90210 and I can already tell there's going to be a lot of drama and I already have a boyfriend on there. Mr. Ryan Matthews, of course. My favorite of the teens is Navid. I love his name and I just love his personality on the show. He's such a cutie patootie.

It was good to see Brenda and Kelly back together again on the small screen and I hope that each of the oldies come back some time during this run on 90210. It would be great to see David Silver come visit his sister, Erin which I totally remember from the first 90210...and then Andrea has a daughter on here and the Brenda and Brandon of the show aren't so bad either. Their Dad (Rob Estes) grew up in Beverly Hills and might have a kid who's not a kid anymore and he has to figure out how he's going to deal with that bomb and then there's Aunt Becky turned Mama Bear of the Kansas crew.

It should be interesting to see how this all pans out. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the kids and even more with Kelly Taylor, this is a show that I can totally get into so woo hoo, bring on the 90210 drama.

Did anyone see the premiere last night? Anyone have any thoughts?

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I saw it. I was glad to see Nat, but I hate what they did to The Peach Pit. It's supposed to be a 50's diner! Those never go out of style.

It was fun to see Hanna Z-V and Erin S all grown, and an even better treat to see Kelly and Brenda.

I'll watch again next week.

I enjoyed it a lot but I wasn't a big follower of the show the first time around. I caught some episodes here and there but was never a devoted follower. But I really enjoyed the new one.

It starts here next week, and I am definitely intending to watch it! Who knows, it might lead to a new Melrose Place spinoff too!


I thought it was cute what they did to The Peach Pit and it was cute to see Nat struggling and missing everything, I LOVE NAT!

I can't wait to see more from Brenda and Kelly and I'm still crossing my fingers that Donna will come back.

Hey Mollie,

I watched the first one religiously and I am just so effing excited about this show, it started off promising so I'll be watching more for sure.


You think so? That would be cool to see where everyone is up to these days from Melrose...but wasn't Rob Estes in Melrose? He's the Dad on the new 90210.

I don't know...I was (mostly) just joking

I didn't really watch it the first time around either. Moving to Germany did NOT help. LOL

But I was excited to see the faces I recognized and yeah, there's going to be drama for sure. I'll keep watching it.

Oh yeah, the blog bit is too GG for me. Ugh.


It would be hella cool though.


Oh goodness, you missed out then because man I loved me some Dylan McKay and wanted to marry him. I had this huge ol' poster of him right above my bed, those were the days dammit.

I LOVE Navid...I think he's such a cutie patootie, a sexy nerd!

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