Prison Break- Season 4 Premiere  

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Ok, Recap if you missed it here. Here are my thoughts.

First of all, how in Hades is T-Bag still freaking alive? I don't understand!!!!!! He should be dead. Gone. Outta here. Instead he's still around.

I'm glad Whistler's dead. Didn't care for him. I was really hoping Gretchen would be dead too but alas she's still alive. Ugh. Don't like that women at all. The only deaths I felt really bad for was Mahone's wife and kid.

Soooooo happy Sara is alive and well. I wondering how they were going to explain that since Linc supposedly saw her head in a box! I was happy with the explanation she escaped. But I'm wondering, if her and LJ were in the same room, wouldn't he have known? Or maybe were separated?

The one thing I didn't buy and thought yeah right was the removal of Michael's tattoos. There is no way he could do an all nighter with that. No way and then be fine the next day? Nope. Out of all the seasons, this was the one thing I rolled my eyes at.

They did trick me with the data card. Cause I thought... ok, looks like they are going to get it. How are they going to stretch out the rest of the season. Then computer guy says it's only part of the info. There are 5 more cards to get. With T-Bag finding Whistler's locker (how did he figure that out by the way?), hit man guy after them, and now Gretchen looking like she'll escape, this will be interesting.

So it does look promising. Last season I was like... meh. I was starting to lose interest. It just wasn't keeping me at the edge of my seat. Hopefully this season will fix that. Cause I love me some Michael Scofield.

Your thoughts?

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Dude, I still haven't read this but I want to. Goodness, I'm so happy that Sara's still alive though and that her and Michael are back together again, that's how it should be. Do you think that's going to last though? Do you think something's going to happen to seperate them again?


But dude, Michael got the big ass tatoo removed? And was fighting his enemies (you know, the neverending enemies) the very next day? Gosh, what will Michael Scofield do next? Part the Red Sea?

He wish. LOL.

I'm still totally going to watch this, it's going to be my DVR fix on Monday nights since this comes on the same time as Gossip Girl.

Thanks for this, I'm all looking forward to next week's show like I didn't miss this week's ep. HA!

Alright, I'm totally intrigued so I'm going to be watching and recording and watching again.

Michael needs another miracle.

Freak. I'm in.

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