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I haven't been posting my thoughts on this show either but I have much more to say about this show.

Starting with:

Brooke: So she gave up her company to that old hag of a mother, Victoria. She straight went to New York, showed up at her house and pulled a gun on her. I wanted to stand up and cheer for her until she gave up the company to Victoria and I've got to wonder what's going to happen with her now. I'm out of ideas too, I have no idea what's going to happen with this storyline but I look forward to finding out. I'm glad she realized who her real family was, I'm also glad she realized that she was no longer alone and won't ever be alone again.

Peyton: Home dude is totally her real dad but what I want to know is where the heck is her Dad, the dad that she thought was dead, the first time her and Lucas cheated on Brooke. I can't say that I'm so excited about this storyline because I'm not. I could actually not care about this storyline and I hope that they jazz Peyton's storyline up (with Lucas included) because I'm getting bored watching her in her damn recording studio with no music artist except Haley.

Lucas: I hate watching him in his Coaching role. I think he's such an odd looking coach. He's what? Like 4 years older than these guys, meh I'm so not buying him as a Coach and then his pep talks and his coach speeches to the team make me cringe because they're so, makes me roll my eyes kind of speeches. And the whole only play 4 players each game for the rest of the season though sweet is kind of making me roll my eyes a little more.

Nathan/Haley/Jamie: Still loving these guys, still loving the whole family dynamic they've got going on and I just enjoy seeing these guys interact with everyone, even when Nathan is being a bonehead about his mom dating his friend and even though I don't blame him one bit for being weirded out about Skills and Deb, it IS kind of weird and a lot gross.

Things are going to come to a head next week with Haley, Jamie and Carrie. Cannot effing wait for that.

Carrie/Dan: Oh goodness, I'm looking forward to seeing Haley lay this bitch out. I'm looking forward to seeing Dan get her ass and I just cannot wait to see everyone bring this psycho down. So she justifies stealing someone elses kid because she lost hers? I wonder what happened with her son, or what killed her son that made her turn so fackin' psycho. Who hurt her, who killed him and what screw got loose because of it all? Was it Haley or Nathan that accidentally killed her and that's why she's gone after Jamie? Seriously, I want to know the connection there. Why did she target that family? Because it wasn't enough for her to steal Jamie, she also tried to ruin their marriage so seriously, WHAT THE FACK HAPPENED CRAZY CARRIE?

Ooh, next week can't get here sooner...seriously!

Until next week...

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