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...has just been righted.

Tonight was the premiere of my all time favorite show, One Tree Hill. Everything that I've spent numerous months wondering about has finally come to light and everything that I've waited 5 long years for has finally come to pass and it seems like they'll stay that way for some time to come.

Oh. Em. Gee.

I can die a happy woman because FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY Lucas and Peyton are TOGETHER, like no more problems, no more people standing in the way, no more stubborn pride keeping them apart...they are TOGETHER and I knew, in my heart of hearts that Lucas called Peyton to run away to Vegas to get married. Seeing these two together, happy again just makes everything I've done and every letter I've written worth it because after the pain and the rain and just everything, makes everything that A okay in my world.


But wow, so much to cover in this post aside from LUCAS AND PEYTON FINALLY BEING TOGETHER!!! I totally did a happy dance but that's neither here nor there.


Alright, let's start off with Nathan and Haley...not much to say on these two but I guess Nathan's NBA hope might not come to pass since he's having back pains, which sucks because I know how much Nathan wants to make that come back. And then Jamie is just too effing cute. That is my jam that he was dancing to, oh hot damn, this is my jam, we be partying til the A.M. ...I was jammin' right along with them.

I was sorry to see Mouth and Millicent leave but I'm sure they'll still be around so it's all good in the hood.

I'm still hella excited about LUCAS AND PEYTON BEING TOGETHER!

Dude, the whole Dan and Carrie thing. Wow. They both deserve eachother but boy do I feel bad for Carrie when Dan escapes because make no mistake about that, he WILL get better and he WILL escape and she better hope that he never finds her again because she WILL pay for everything that she's doing to him right now....and should she ever go near Jamie again, I shudder to think about what Dan would do to her...but boy do I look forward to it. Who the hell does she think she is, trying to come in and be the villain, don't she know that's Dan's job? The bitch will learn though and I look forward to seeing it all play out.


And then that brings us to...Brooke. I want to see her win against her bitchy ass mother and I want to see her bring that bitch down. I also want to know who the hell was behind that beating. I want to know if she was raped, I want to know if Victoria was behind the attack and if she was, I want to see her get her just desserts. I feel horribly for Brooke and it's all the more worst because Peyton and Lucas are nowhere to be found. Man, it's going to be soooo good this season and I cannot effing wait because.....


Until next week...

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Girl, You have no idea how long I have waited for this post *sigh* and it was worth it. My OTH experience is through this blog lol I know sad right? But I am never in one country long enough to finish a season or in a country that airs them (bloody Dubai lol) anyhoo, please keep the updates coming and I am sooooo feeling sad & angry for Brooke. I want the person who did it to suffer and ooohhh get a beatdown arggghh!! I really dislike her mother & just wish Brooke could get one over her. :( Mouth leaves? thats sad. What happened to the Editor chic who Lucas proposed to? Is Karen no longer in the series? Oh and finally, I am doing a HAPPY dance for Peyton & was soooo overdue. Okies, that enough excitement for one day LOL xx

This is probably going to sound stupid, but I was so excited when I was watching this that I got nauseated lol. Everytime they went to a commercial break I kept saying, "IF this is a dream sequence I am going to be PISSED!"

Thank goodness I was alone because I was talking to the show so much that I know I looked like a moron.

YAY Peyton and Lucas are together again!

OMG - I was so afraid ti was a dream too!! lol

When we saw Peyton coming through the crowd, me, Mike and my little brother all started screaming and jumping and high fiving because we are just that lame. :) I'm so glad he picked her but I am so afraid that since they didn't get married yet that something will happen to keep it from happening and tear them apart. Ugh!!

My stomach was all in knots and we were all talking to the tv and yelling through the whole thing!!

Seriously, I want to kick Victoria's ass. She has to be behind it. That shoplifter was one of her people, I'm sure. Trying to get a peek at what she was selling or soemthing.

Poor Carrie doesn't realize what she has gotten herself into. Dan will kill her!! andI will laugh. I feel so bad for Dan though - which I never thought would ever happen! LOL

Anyway - seven more days to wait. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


I'm can try to catch the episodes on Youtube somehow, I know that how's a blogging friend who lives in England watches them, they're soooo good.

So much to look forward to in this season though, that's for sure.


You are totally a fan...I don't think I've ever gotten that nervous about this show but I love it all the same. I talk to the TV all the time, even the movies at the movies I talk to the characters in there, it's just apart of who I am so you're definitely not alone.


Oh there's going to be drama for them to come but I think that they're going to work through them together. I still think that Lindsay is pregnant and that's going to pose a problem, but I don't think it's going to break Leyton up again.

I'm thinking Victoria is trying to pose all these problems to show how incapable she thinks Brooke is of dealing with all of them. I think she's like proving herself right and Brooke wrong and Brooke is going to kick her ass because of it all...she doesn't know Brooke at all if she thinks that Brooke is weak. She's far from that.

I never thought I'd be glad that Dan was so evil...I'm so glad that he still loves his family because they're going to need his evilness to protect them when Carrie tries to make a grab for Jamie again.

So much to look forward to in this season and I cannot effing wait!

I read some spoilers about the show and I'm all sad to see these spoilers come to pass...*sigh*

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