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So the season premiere for True Blood aired tonight. I wasn't sure what to expect going in - I'm such a big fan of the books and you know how movies are never as good as the books - I was torn about a tv show.
I was surprised! The characters aren't what I pictured in my head, but I'm not disappointed with that. Anna Paquin, I didn't think she'd work as Sookie, but I think she's going to do a good job. She is talented. Stephen Moyer as vampire Bill - he grew on me by the end of the show. Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte? I don't know - I'm holding off judgement on him for now.

Things aren't exactly like the book, but that's ok. As long as Lafayette is around it's close enough for me. LOL

So, did you watch True Blood? What did you think? How does it compare to the books (if you've read them)?

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Me Me Me Me! I watched. I've never read the books, but now I'm sort of intrigued. I don't know what to think. I liked Sam Merlotte. I liked Sookie. I thought vampire Bill was a bit over the top with some of his looks (too Bella Lugosi).

I have to admit even though it was on HBO I was surprised at the language and nudity. Although why after some of the stuff I've seen on HBO I couldn't say. I guess I don't associate profanity with southern accents???? *vbg*

Loved the books, they are among my absolute favorites. I thought it was ok. It will be interesting to see how it develops. Anna is perky! But did ok as Sookie. Might reserve judgement till I've seen a few more. :)

Ohhh, I love the template change!!

How did you see this? Is it on in Canada?


I liked it. I have never read the books, so I don't have any preconceived idea's at all. But HBO, in my opinion, puts on really great shows, so I expected it to be good. It isn't what I had in my mind, it's a bit lighter, but it has potential.

And I assure you, Rosie, we southerners are very well associated with profanity lol.

I'll keep watching it. By the end of it was thinking that Vampire Bill was kinda cute.

I like the new look!!! :)

I didn't watch it... you need special cable in order to watch this right? anyway, not sure I'd be interested anyway, but I'm looking forwards to reading your thoughts :)

Rosie-I was surprised at the amount of nudity too. LOL In the books, there isn't much sex at the beginning. *g*

I had to laugh at the fangs! They're so cute. haha

Sarah-The books are among my faves too! And Sookie is very perky, but I think that'll come in handy when more bad stuff happens to her. Remember how she's always getting hurt in the books?

Cindy-I caught it on the Movie Central channel. I get that on Shaw cable, so I don't know what you might be getting.

Sarah 2-He kind of grew on me too. And the show so far is staying pretty to the first book. Especially with what's going on with the Rattrays and what they did to Bill.

I really like the music too. Excellent soundtrack so far.

nath-I don't know about "special" cable. LOL I think if you get cable at all, you should be fine to see it.

Rowena is in charge of the template change, and I really like it too!

I don't get HBO Channel, but a fellow geek/scifi buff co-worker downloaded and brought it to me on a flashdrive to watch over lunch! WOO HOOO!

Nath- HBO Channel is what we call a "pay channel" here in the states- inotherwords, you pay extra to get it- which I'm too cheap to pay for! HA!

So maybe it's that way for you too! (I mean the pay channel bit, not the too cheap part! LOL!)

I enjoyed it. I thought it stayed pretty true to the books. There's no way to keep it exactly as in the books but with it being a TV series, as opposed to a 2 hour movie, it lends more to being true to the books. I thought it was a good start though!

My mom said she's record them and watch them and let me know if they are good. I would ask her to save them for me but who knows when I'd get a chance to watch them at her house.

Zeek-Ooh, your coworker is the best. LOL Can't wait for what you think. :P

Mollie-I agree, a tv show is a better format, especially since there are so many books in the series. I can't wait for Eric.

Izzy-I have a link if you want to watch it on the net. Let me know.

Damn, i forgot all about this, I'll have to catch it on demand because I was too busy catching up on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and man I cannot effing wait for that one tonight!

Gossip Girl is getting recorded because I HAVE to watch TSCC. Squeeeaaaa!

I'm gonna watch this one too so I'll let you know how I liked it!

I just watched it.
Like you, I am torn on it. I LOVE the books, but do I love the tv show? I don't know yet.

What an ending for the first episode though!

Wena-Well as long as you eventually see it. LOL

Chantal-I KNOW!! I had to grab my face after one especially brutal kick. The blood! So painful. And to think, that's at the beginning of the first book. I can't wait for the next show!

LOL! I watched half of the ep at work but had to keep minimizing it- holy NUDITY batman!

Co-worker is letting me take it home where the bf can download it on his puter and burn it on a dvd for us to watch- he likes vamp shows too!

Liked what a saw so far!

OH I haven't read the books but am I right in thinking Sam the bartender is a shape shifter? I got the suspicion he was that dog that came up on Sookie and Bill after she rescued Bill??? SPOIL it for me, please!!!

OH and did anyone else notice? The grams was reading a Charlene Harris book at the kitchen table! HA!

LOL Zeek. I was surprised too at the nudity. But it is for HBO. :P

I'll spoil it for you...


Sam is a shifter. He can shift into other forms, not just a collie. And there are werewolves and tigers and panthers too. But this all comes out later.


And no I didn't even notice that! Good thing I DVR'd it, now I can watch it again and again until the next episode. LOL


I found the sex bits at the beginning... a little too dragged out. Why keep going back to more of the sex bits except for ratings? Half of that could have been cut or sped up and we'd still have gotten the basic plot point.

Of course, I may just have been twitchy about it because I had a fifteen year old eating in the other room while I was frantically hitting the mute button every time it'd flash back to Jason.

Also, knowing what was going to happen to Maudette from having read the books made me a little twitchy too.

Otherwise, I mostly liked it. I thought the effect they used to get across Sookie's mind reading abilities was well done. Tara threw me a little, and I think she really just got put in as a way to let Sookie talk about what's going on with her so we didn't have to hear a narration. But she was funny so she can stay. :D

Bill. Yes. Sexy. Little over the top with the dramatic posing, and I'm not sure how much chemistry he and Anna have together. Seemed a little forced--but I'll withhold judgement till I've seen a few more episodes.

Also am I a little disappointed that they let Sam broadcast his thoughts so heavily in this first episode, when half the point is that she can't read him as well as others usually.

Still. I'm willing to keep watching.

Melissa - I felt the same way about Sam too. And Tara. LOL I watched TB again last night and I was laughing at Tara's interaction with Lafayette.

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