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Well not really reviews, just my thoughts.

Prison Break

I read on some site that until they obtain all 6 cards it looks like it might be the same episode. They find a card holder, break in, almost get caught but get all the data. Which I agree. They need to mix it up.

Gretchen escaped. I see Gretchen and T-Bag joining the game. The thing that made me kind of laugh was Self getting all whiny when Michael told him he'd need to get close to the card holder. "But that's against the law!" Michael replies, "Welcome to my world." I love Michael. And... Linc knows about Michael's nose bleeds now. I feel better that someone knows.


I'm not sure about the Riley chick. She just doesn't sit right with me. Also is Shirley Manson's character a good guy or a bad guy. Right now she seems like one of the good guys but who knows.


Ok, Zack escaping for the night. I thought that was weird. Everyone taking him out to the diner, isn't that illegal in a way? That's cool Zack helped with the solving the case but to make him escape didn't sit right with me. Then Zack admits to not killing the guy. Why doesn't he want Sweets to tell anyone? I'm lost. Someone help me out here.

I loved when Booth said, "That's like me saying I don't want to be the sexy FBI agent. We can't change who we are." Ha ha. I laughed out loud.

I really liked the new assistant. I wish he could have stayed. Maybe they'll bring him back.

Project Runway

Kenley, that was NOT hip hop. Miss I-know-more-about-hip-hop-than-Tim. NO YOU DON'T!Girl needs to go. I love how Korto and Jerell were just snickering behind her back. That was too funny.

I loved Korto's outfit though.

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Terminator- I agree, I don't trust her.

Project Runway- man I love that show. And Kenley? DAMN WOMAN! What a whiner! And the way she's always laughing at people during the judging?? What a brat. I love Tim and thought she was just RUDE. That outfit was HORRENDOUS! Did you see LL laughing when it came down the runway? TOO funny!

I love Korto's work and hope she goes all the way!

Oh my I saw that too. And how Kenley got all defensive on the runway cause they didn't like her outfit. I used to liked her but now... ugh. Her bad attitude made me not like her. I was really hoping she'd get auf'd instead of Suede. Oh well maybe next week.

I'm not liking Riley either but then again,I'm not liking John right now either. He gets on my hot damn nerves.

as for Prison Break, it is the same episode each and every week, but I don't mind..I spend most of the episode trying to figure out if Sarah is going to turn traitor or not. *sigh* Its killing me that I'm so unsure.

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