Bones- Man in the Outhouse  

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My thoughts on Bones.

First of the lab assistant, Daisy, was kind of annoying. I get she wanted to be accepted by Bones but still. Glad they got rid of her.

Bones dating two men. Kind of weird. I don't know. I can see she's loosened up some since watching season 1. I loved the scene at the end when Booth is telling her there is a love out there for. She just needs to be open to what's in front of her. Aw.....

Other than that, the whole finding a guy in the outhouse... ewwwww. Ok episode. I do want to see more of Angela and Hodgins. I can't believe they didn't show anything between these two. I still don't understand why they broke up.

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Dangit, I don't need another show to watch, seriously...haha.

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