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Isabel and myself are big time fans of Prison Break and we were talking about last night's episode so we decided to just post it on Boob Tube in case any of you guys wanted to discuss with us.

And on with last night's Prison Break talk:

: She's looking more and more guilty but I can't believe it Izzy, I just can't.

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode of Prison Break?

Isabel: I can't either.

Rowena: So what are your thoughts on last night's episode? Man, I watched all of my shows last night except for Gossip Girl, I do think that I may stop watching that show since my Monday nights are all booked up. haha. But what did you think about the whole SCILLA thing? Is it lame?

I can't get over the whole Sarah thing...why wasn't she taken captive with everyone else? Why did the FBI guy tell the guards to let her go? Why was she looking at the FBI guy when she was hugging Michael? And why didn't Michael see how curious that was? I'm not liking this.

Isabel: Well, Sarah wasn't really in any trouble was she? I mean, they were all on the run. Sarah just got fired when they found out she was helping them. But I saw the look that passed between her and the guy. And then when she said Michael could tell her things. I'm like... no no NO! And I wouldn't have thought anything of it until my mom suggested that Sarah was on the other side. Sigh. I hope it turns out to be nothing.

Ok, the SCILLA thing. Did Michael say it was a meeting with all the card holders? I just saw the two guys unless the drivers are on it out or maybe it was like a conference all. I was upstairs watching so I couldn't rewind what Michael said. But if they found all the card members, that was kind of fast. I was thinking they'd find them one at a time.

Rowena: Yeah but wasn't she supposed to go to prison from before, when she was harboring a fugitive or helping Michael and Lincoln escape from prison? I mean, she WAS in hiding wasn't she? And Bruce helped her escape, right? Maybe I'm wrong but I could have sworn that was what went down before.

I know what you mean though because when Saraha started that conversation with Michael, I was screaming in my head, ARE YOU GOING TO TURN ON MICHAEL YOU DUMB HOE!?!? Ugh, if they make her turn against Michael and everything he's fought against for her, I'm going to be so mad and I probably won't watch the show anymore. But what if it's all a plot to make us think she's turning against him but she's really not? What if she's like trying to protect him, what if she's working against them because the company told her that they'd kill Michael if she doesn't? Oh goodness, dammit and fack, my blood pressure keeps rising when I watch this show.

Yes, he did say that it was a meeting with all six cardholders but I think that it's a good start because now they know who they're out to get and now all they have to do is get all of the remaining cards, I don't think that just because they know who has the cards their work is done, oh no...they have 5 other cards to get and they'll spend this entire season getting those 5 cards back so their work is just beginning if you ask me.

I feel bad for Mahone though, even though I hate him after everything he's done to Michael and Lincoln, I still feel bad that they killed his son, did you get all gooey when Lincoln told him that he'll help him bring those guys down? I did, awww Lincoln, the brawn behind the whole project. Don't you just love it when he shows how manly he is when he punks the asian guy? haha.

Isabel: I can't remember if she was supposed to go to prison for helping them. Ugh. Maybe they are using Sarah to keep Michael in check? Cause remember how Michael wouldn't do anything until he saw Sarah. So maybe that's it? This could go in so many ways! I'm just hoping she does not turn on him. I mean... UGH! I think I would stop watching the show if she turned traitor on them. Especially since Michael is doing all of this so he can be with her.

Ok so it was all the card holders. I know it's gonna be interesting to watch him get the cards. And now it looks like they are gonna run into T-Bag. How much you wanna bet someone T-Bag will be included in the group now. I swear, I hate him. I soooo hate him.

I do feel bad for Mahone. He was a jerk before but now I've softened up to him. And when Linc offered to help him at the end. Awww. I was like.. awwww. Two people who I never thought would become allies. Ha ha, I love when he sets the Asian guy straight cause he is a little punk. Geez.

Rowena: I know what you mean, I mean if Sarah turns on Michael, I WILL stop watching this show. So they can't do that. They better not do that.


And as far as T-Bag goes, he's so goign to be apart of this operation and he's going to take great pleasure in throwing that in Michael's face. I wonder if Michael is going find out that T Bag has the Bird Book, or ate it as it is. *sigh* I just wish that T Bag would hurry up and meet his maker, I hate him too.

What about Bellick, how annoying is he with all of his whining to Sucre about making a run for it? It's like SHUT THE EFF UP and do what you're told.

It's crazy how Lincoln it now helping Mahone avenge his son, I like it though. They both need to come to grips with the past and even though Mahone was only doing his job, I'm glad that they're working together on the same team because Mahone is hella smart but what ever happened to his junky habit? Is he clean now? Did they ever mention it last season? I forgot.

What are you most looking forward to in this season? Any last thoughts?

Isabel: T-Bag is just sooo slimy and icky. I hate how he always seems to land on his feet. Jerk. I really want to see him get his.

Bellick cracks me up sometimes. He was all bad @$ when he was a guard and Fox Prison. Walking around like no one could touch him and now here is all scared. But he does need to have faith in Michael. I liked how Sucre was all telling him to shut up. I love Sucre. I love how he trusts Michael and how loyal he is. I really want him to have his happy ending.

I don't remember Mahone quitting his habit. I was wondering what happened with that. Unless he quit while in Sona towards the end of season 3. Cause I know he was going through withdrawal there for a while in Sona. But I'm glad too Linc and Mahone are working together.

Ok there was part I was like... when Linc grabbed the ax to save Michael and computer nerd. Dude... i would think someone would noticed someone walking in with ax who wasn't a fireman. At least Linc could've put on a fireman's jacket or something! lol.

What I"m looking forward to: T-Bag getting his. Michael and Sarah being together. Sarah not being a traitor.

Rowena: *sigh*

I seriously hope that Sarah is not a traitor, because that would seriously suck if the writers went through all the trouble of bringing her back and she turns on Michael, hello? That's not good writing.

Sometimes things have to go wrong before they can be made right, right? T Bag will gets his, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I, too love Sucre. I love how steadfast he is in his loyalty to Michael. I love how much history those two have being cell mates and all but I just really like his personality and the motivation behind everything he does. He loves Marisol and is seriously doing everything he can to be with her, my romantic heart just eats it all up. Bellick irritates me but it IS funny to see him all whiny baby which is in complete contrast to the way he was when he was the big dawg at Fox River.

I don't remember it either but maybe after he detoxed, he was just over it...whatever. Him and Lincoln working together, who would've thunk it?

You're right about Lincoln though, he just stole that firetruck's axe and just ran into the building without a care in the world and not one person stopped him? Not one firefighter? Not one cop? I mean, it's not like he's a felon or anything...*rolls eyes*

Are they ever going to be together? Michael and Sarah? I can't get over their whole relationship...I'm scared for Scofield.

Isabel: Exactly! I mean, you would think one cop or firefighter would say, "Hey!" But no, he just walks on in there like nothing, manages to find them and free them. But he broke the glass in one shot, I was like.. yum. Hello manly man Linc. lol. But then it just shows how determined he was to free his brother. Awwww.

I'm scared for Michael too. It's all my mom's fault for putting these ideas in my head!!!!!!!!!

Rowena: I know! And he stole THEIR axe! Frickin' retard. And Linc is hottie studly macho man, lubs him!

Isabel: I know. it was kind of hot. Sigh... LOL! I hope LInc and Sophia get their happy ever after.

Alright, so what did you guys think? Did anyone else watch Prison Break? What are your thoughts on this one?

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Ok, so I couldn't read ANY Of that. I just got the 1st season and I'm only about 4 episodes in. I usually don't mind spoilers, but I just love this series so far and I don't wanna know what happens!!!!!!

I"m sorry I waited sooooo long to start this series!!!!!!

I love the first season of prison break. THere were so many times I was literally at the edge of my seat.

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