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Okay, this is one of those guilty pleasures. I have no idea why I'm watching this show, okay that's a lie because you see that guy to the left over there? That is EXACTLY why I'm watching this show. You see, that guy to the left plays Will on Privileged and he's one of the love interests for the show's main character, Meghan.

He's a richy rich guy from Palm Beach and he enjoys the breakfast served at Meghan's boss' house instead of the breakfast at his own mansion.

I really like this show because I want to see who Meghan ends up with. Right now, there's three guys in the picture but mostly there's only two. Hottie Will or Meghan's best friend, Charlie. For those OC fans, you'll recognize Charlie as Zack, Summer's boyfriend after Seth Cohen. I like his character Charlie a whole lot more than I liked Zack.

What I don't like about this show are the spoiled brats Sage and Rose. Those two get on my hot damn nerves and make me want to snap someone's neck, preferably theirs. Sage because she's such a little, okay a big little bitch who needs a swift kick to her ass and a punch to her face. She's one of those prissy know it alls that thinks she's a Billy Bad Ass and is in dire need of a whoop ass! Then there's Rose who is the spineless little sock puppet that follows her big sister around and does everything she's told, even when she doesn't want to.

Those two make me so mad and then I get so mad at Meghan for letting them get away with the crap that they get away with. I want her to just punch her, that's how us Samoans get down, you disrespect me and I will one, two, drop your ass and then we'll get over it and move on. Meghan needs to do that and get things under control because Rose is not going to get into Duke, let alone see her Junior year if she doesn't get those girls in line.

And this little bullshit that we saw at the end of tonight's episode does little to reassure me, Meghan still has her work cut out for her.

But man, how hot was Mr. Cassidy? Between his hotness and then Will and Charlie, Meghan sure is one lucky chick and between the three of them, I will be around to watch this show.

Until next week...

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I'm really liking this show. I love Meghan and Rose. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Sundays to watch it because I have two other shows on Monday nights that conflict with it (my DVR will only tape two shows at a time).

Oh it comes on Monday for you? It comes on Tuesday nights over here, the same time as Fringe. I totally forgot about Fringe this week so I watched this show but I was really mad at myself because I missed Pacey...but this is a cute show, I wish I had three hot guys in my life like Meghan.

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