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So who cried as much as I did over last night's episode of One Tree Hill. I about tuckered myself out after watching last night's episode and the reason I didn't type this up last night was because I couldn't see the screen of my laptop after this was done because, I was crying too much.

The writers of this show prove to me every week, why I keep coming back..because it's so good. Even when I'm pissed off at the writers for writing storylines that don't go along with what I want, I still love the show.

Nathan/Jamie/Haley: I really do think that Haley stole the show last night. She was spot on with her grieving for Q. She was mad, she was sad and she didn't have all of the answers. She was human and I got all teary eyed when Q's Mom thanked her for the influence she had on Q. I'm still a little bit peeved that Q had to leave the show so soon but I can already see another Q in the makings with the little shit that stole from Clothes over Bro's. I really liked Haley's quote at the end, the one she wrote onto the desk and I really enjoyed her little speech to the class. She's a really great character and I really am glad that her and Nathan are back together and living in peace and love again.

Jamie, gosh I love this little boy! Am I the only person that wants Q's little brother to be a recurring character so that Jamie has someone his age to play with? Every episode that we see little Jamie in, makes me fall in love with this little boy more and more. He's so wise for a boy of his age. The way he insisted on going to Q's funeral because Q was his friend too. The way he stood up to Haley and made her realize that he wanted to say goodbye to Q too? It's too frickin' cute and sooo right. Why on earth would Haley and Nathan NOT take Jamie to the funeral? Why would they try to keep him from something like that?

My favorite quote came from last night's episode came from Jamie. Remember when he was sitting on the swings talking to Q's little brother and he said, "My grandma wears tight pants." LOL...I was rollin'.

And then there's Nathan. I'm glad that Nathan and Brooke are forming a sort of bond because they're the most alike, I think. They were both little shits in high school and now they're so much better than I ever thought they'd turn out. Nathan went through losing his career and his family and now Brooke might be going through the same things. I was so hot damn glad that Nathan sought out Brooke and reminded her that she's not alone, that she'll never be alone because she has people who love and care for her and I just want Brooke to stop trying to be so hot damn strong and lean on her friends.

She may not have had a very good mother but she had the best friends, friends that would walk through fire for her if only she'd let them. Let them, Brooke. Let them take care of you for a change.

I sincerely hope that she does lean on her friends because right now, she needs them more than she thinks.

Brooke: I'm still scared to see this side of Brooke. To see this helpless, scared and grouchy Brooke. She is so much stronger than she realizes and I seriously cannot wait to see how her storyline pans out. I also want Deb to break her trust and tell someone because that secret is one secret, I would be too uncomfortable to keep to myself.

I can't wait to see Brooke confront her demons next week. It's on and crackin' now.

Lucas/Peyton: Nothing much to report on these two from this episode but we're not done seeing the drama go down between them. They're not married yet so they still have obstacles to get over but I'm confident that through it all, they'll still be together.

Deb/Skills: LOL! I'm starting to get all soft where these two are concerned. I'm starting to come around to the whole Cougar storyline between Deb and Skills and I seriously cannot wait to see all of the reactions next week, Nathan knows and oh man, it's going to be so interesting.

I really felt for Skills last night, I also felt for Deb because you could totally tell she was fighting with her feelings for him all throughout the episode so it was quite shocking to see her walk up to Skills and hold him through the funeral.

Oh goodness.

Dan/Carrie: These two are starting to bore me with all of the, "Your plan sucks" and the "I'm going to enjoy killing you" first off, Carrie looks like an idiot everytime she gets all pissy with Dan and Dan always looks like an ass and I never thought I'd see the day where I was rootin' Dan Scott on in anything...but whatever happened to Carrie's son, I still can't wait to see Dan make her pay for what she's doing to him now and for what she's planning to do to his family.

And that's all folks, I've got a quick question for anyone who knows the answer...we ARE going to see more from Mouth and Milicent, right? They're not completely done with the show, are they? Gosh I hope not, I actually like them. I wonder if Doctor boy from last season or Owen will be coming back to help Brooke fight her demons, I really hope so because she needs them, she needs someone fighting in her corner!

Make that happen Mark Schwann!

Until next week...

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Well, I don't know how much you cried but I know how much I did. ;-)

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