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There's a new McDreamy in town....and hot damn, HE IS FINE! He was in fatigues too? HOT DAMN!

I'll be back for a recap of the show and my thoughts but dude, I can't think past how hot the new military doctor is!


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I have a huge crush on Kevin McKidd. Hope his character returns to Seattle Grace. He was offered a job, after all.......

I watched it too. Wasn't he in Rome? But yeah he was kind of hot but I think they overdid the macho man a little bit.

Loved him in Journeyman. Still pissed they canceled that show.

Still, he probably isn't enought to get me to watch this show. Sorry ladies.


He's such a cutie patootie. I seriously hope he becomes a permanent character on this one.


Yep, he was the soldier dude who's wife was cheating on him and passed of his step daughter as his granddaughter, right?


I don't blame you, I have no idea why I started watching this show again but I did and I'm not sorry since Military Doctor was HOTTIE! haha.

Yumma is right Wena!! I'm officially watching GA this year now. Just in the hopes of seeing Military guy again. LOL

Oh goodness, I've got my fingers crossed that he'll come back.

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