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Hubby owes me big time. Lucky for me Fox has posted the recap of the episode. yay!

Click here.

I wonder who Molly is. What did Sucre deliver? When I read Bellick won his fight, I was kind of bummed. I really don't like him at all.

Gretchen/Susan needs to get hers. I don't think Micheal will kill her though. It's not in him to be a killer. I know he'll make her regret killing Sara though. I can't wait for next week!

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What were you doing why Joey owes you? LOL

He was taking his traffic school class online. He decided right then, he needed to take the class and I had to hold his hand and help him with it.

yup, still bitter. LOL.

Sucre has me wondering if he's not gonna turn face. I hope he doesn't, and I know that he and Linc set something up but the look on his face when Linc left.... I didnt like it at all.

Glad Im not the only Prison Break addict female! YAY!

Oh man... see that's the only thing about reading it online, you can't see the expressions. UGH!!!! I hope my mom recorded it.

I missed Prison Break, this is one of them shows that slipped off my radar, I miss Prison Break but not enough to stay home....ugh.

Anyway, is it getting really good?

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