One Tree Hill: Season 5, It's Alright Ma, I'm Already Bleeding  

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Alright, I know this post is like a week too late but still, I just barely saw the entire episode and I want to slit Quentin's throat and I want to smack the shit out of Brooke's Mom. Goodness, why hasn't Brooke fired her stupid ass? It's totallly obvious that she cares more about business and what the business (Brooke's business at that) can do for her. She cares about all of that above, the happiness of her daughter and really, should it really surprise us, since this is the same mother who let her 16 year old daughter live on her own for so long while she lived in ANOTHER STATE ON A DIFFERENT COAST!

Her mouth is just as bad as Mouth's bosses mouth and I cannot frickin' stand that tramp either. Goodness, there are so many people on this show now that just get on my frickin' nerves. Even Lindsey with all of her happy go lucky, do gooder crap gets on my effing nerves, but she is serving a purpose and that purpose will lead us straight back to Lucas and Peyton so I'm dealing with her for now, but she's not sticking around...not for very long, atleast she better not be there very long.

Seeing Haley doing her thing with the music stuff is good to see because I liked her singing thing back when she was in high school, even though she was really stupid about it and it almost cost her, her marriage but seriously....I can't wait to see what she does with Mia and how great Mia's sound is going to be because she really is great! I'm glad that K Fed got the ax because he's just as bad as frickin' Quentin. He got on my hot damn nerves with his bootleg rock star complex.


As a whole this episode was pretty cool. I love that Nathan is taking an interest in SOMETHING, even if it's that stupid asshat of a character, Quentin and if he can turn that kid's attitude and make that fool a man, I'll be one happy camper. I'm just glad that Nathan has a purpose now, a purpose outside of his family and I'm just frickin' glad that we're seeing him in action.

And Peyton, get over know that Lucas is a BIG reason why you came back to Tree Hill. He's home to you and sooner or later, you guys will get back together, stop running from your feelings, you're not in high school anymore. Chin up, you guys are meant to be and it's only a matter of time before you guys find your way back to each other.

I still need more Jamie and what the heck is Carrie's deal? What's her agenda? She's slowing inching her way into Haley's family and I just wonder where they're going to go with that storyline, is she going to have an affair with Nathan or is she going to be one big stalker fan girl of Haley's or is she going to plant herself into Jamie's life so much so that Jamie will wish that she was his Mom or what? Grrrrrrrrrr, I'm just really wishing I knew what the hell her deal was.

I hate the Mouth and his boss storyline, blah.

I want Skills to have a frickin' storyline, bring Bevin back or something, fill in the blanks because that storyline just fell through the cracks, dude...bring on a storyline for this one seriously.

Next week's show promises to be a good one, especially since there's lots and lots of Leyton love going on, so YAY!


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