Amy Love, Don't Forget!!!  

Posted by: Rowena


Alright guys, tonight is the night that we find out what happens with Tim Riggins after he was kicked out of Coach Taylor’s house. Coach Taylor thinks that he was trying to get at his young teenage daughter, Julie (the stupid dirty tramp!). We see things get really bad for Riggins before it gets better. It’s a show that I’m for sure not going to miss so I’m excited to see what’s in store for us tonight.

You won’t want to miss it, so if you can’t watch it tonight, make sure you set your DVR’s and your TiVo’s so that you can catch this episode later, it promises to be another great episode! =)


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I'd like to see you guys do a post/commentary on the whole Writer's strike. It's already affecting some of our favorite shows...and they canceled the Golden Globes!?!!!

Hey Ro, I'm seeing a movie tonight, but I'll set my DVR. :P

Mollie-I've been flirting with that idea. LOL But Cindy also wanted to do a rant. We do welcome contributions. :P hint hint

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