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I forgot Project Runway was on last night so I didn't get to watch the full episode last night. I caught it just in time for the runway show. If there was drama, I missed it. I'm gonna just post pics of the dresses and say which ones I liked. Now, I'm not a fashion expert. I just know what I like and don't like. ha ha.

Again, I missed the 45 minutes of the episode, so I'm taking a wild guess they had to use stuff from a candy store.

I don't really care for the skirt. Meh.

I liked this one. I thought it was cute.

This wasn't doing it for me.

Nope. The designer who made this dress was aufed last night. She was a little weird.

This was cute.

Didn't like this one. Plus, the model was walking kind of funky. Even Heidi asked what was up with that. Victoria, the designer. Total biznitch.

Looked kind of scaley to me.

It's ok.

When I first saw this, I was just.. no, doesn't do anything. But the more I look at it, the more I liked it. Rami, the designer, won the challenge.

Ok, this was really cute. This was the only edible outfit.

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I've never watched this show.

Please don't hate me ...

LOL, worries. I've never watched it and I'm confident that I'm still loved...haha.

AH! Finally a show I watch- but I missed the last couple weeks as well. No worries tho- I usually catch up with them on Bravo during the weekend!

Wasn't the Twizzlers outfit interesting? :-D And when the designer said it smelled good too, I giggled.

I think they taste icky so it's nice that they have an alternate use. ;-)

I've never seen this either but these are all funky and creative so I might have to start watching!

Rowena- I guess... lol

Zeek- I always forget when they show the repeats. I need dvr.

C2- It was different. I thought for sure she'd win.

ladytink- I like watching the runway and all the different outfits. I think it's neat how it all comes together. Or sometimes not.

I missed the creation parts- but caught the runway bit.

yeah she needed to go. Way to flaky for coutre. (remember the spit mark?! LOL!)

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