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Alright, raise your hand if you watched the two hour premiere of One Tree Hill last night.


Hot diggity damn, this show definitely set the tone for the whole season and I seriously cannot effing wait to see it all come to life. The different storylines, the characters all finding their ways back to Tree Hill and just....EVERYTHING.

I was seriously engrossed in last night's episodes that I was sad when 10 o'clock rolled around. So much to cover.

How much did you love Lucas last night? Captain Save a Hoe is back ya'll! He still saving Peyton and seriously, would you have it any other way? I wouldn't. Peyton is such a hot damn liar with all of her, "I knew we weren't meant to be" that's so full of horse crap that I wanted to get slap happy with her face because she lies! I could have seriously done without the whole Lindsay thing. Seriously. I don't want to see her and I'm pretty sure she's a nice lady but I hope she's just a guest star and that her days are numbered on the show. I guess she did her job right though because she annoyed the snot out of me, when she was all goody good with Lucas' friends...especially Peyton. Like Peyton, I didn't want to like her and lucky for me...I didn't.

I knew that things didn't go down the way Peyton said they did. I knew that Peyton went to the book signing and I knew that Peyton saw Lindsay's little fast ass kiss Lucas and I knew that Peyton jumped to the wrong conclusion and I just....knew. Damage!

Wow, to see Lucas as THE Head Coach for the Tree Hill Ravens is ...whoa dang for me! I mean, to see him running things and calling the shots, hot damn it's sexy. Especially since he got a hair cut and is looking mighty fine these days. He found him some clipper's ya'll. Everyone say it with me now, Lil Jon style...YEAAAHHH! haha.

With everyone coming back to town, I know that Lucas will get his book written, there's plenty of inspiration to be found with his...family around. I'm really proud of Lucas and all that he's accomplished in the four years since high school graduation, he's doing the damn thing and I'm so hot dang happy for him, well for everything in his life besides Lindsay. She's pukey!

Moving on to Peyton, ooh I wanted to slap the tramp when she unbuttoned her shirt to get in on that meeting, ONE BUTTON, ONE SONG? Oh hell to the nah, that's not the Peyton we know and love. I was happy though when she went back, quit and...went home. It's where she belongs and it's where she'll be her happiest so I was glad that she did the damn thing. I loved all of the flashbacks between her and Lucas, this season will be spent finding their ways back to each other and I'm all for it. I can't wait to see them get closer and closer...YAY! Starting her own label would be good for Peyton, I like the idea and I can't wait to see her in action, doing something she absolutely loves so that she can put her sponsor button on little Jamie's racing suit and it not say Peyton Sawyer, Unemployed! LOL.

Haley, Haley, Haley...I hate hair but I love the spine she grew at the end of the episode. And holy hell, did anyone want to smack the black off of the "leading scorer's" face? Gosh, do high school kids act like this? My nieces who are in high school, say yes. WTF? I would bring a ruler and bust a China on their asses, you get out of hand, you get a swift hit with my handy dandy ruler. Being a teacher suits Haley since she spent most of her high school years (if not all) tutoring everydangbody...especially her husband.

It's cool how we're seeing life with Nathan and Haley...AFTER the honeymoon and the puppy love and we're seeing real issues and real problems. Because I have faith in the both of them, I'm hoping they make it out better people and far from the people that their parents were.

Nathan's hair didn't drive me as crazy as I thought it would. His actions throughout the show did it for me. I wanted to smack the crap out of him. Seriously, so he COULD walk, he just didn't feel like it? What the eff? Haley's babying him didn't help matters either and when Lucas was baiting him??? Oh goodness, I had me a good laugh at that one and when Peyton set that fool straight and told him about himself, I was cheering to the skies because that was exactly what he needed to hear. Well that and the bit about Haley telling him that if he didn't get his shit together he would really have nothing....and when he told Haley that he has nothing, I wanted to shove that glass shard right back into his spine, the stupid ass!

And then there's little J-Luc! I frickin' love him...I swear on everything that I love, that little boy is the best thing to happen to this show. He is just so effing cute I love it! From his interactions with Skills, his Mom, his Dad and then...with Lucas, how can you not love this little boy? I love this little boy and I just met him last night. I loved that he was able to teach those he loves as much as they teach him. I loved how close he got with Brooke and how fast it happened. It was just too adorable. They got the perfect little kid to play their son too because he is TOO EFFING CUTE! Oh gosh, he's by far the best addition to this show, well one of them.

Because I love me some Skills. I'm so glad that he's part of the show. This guy cracks me the hell up. The way he is with J-Luc and the way he is with everyone, is just so....normal and hilarious. I loved when he was pissed off that someone(s) ate his pizza and I just love his sense of humor. When he told Jamie his role when girls came by, I could not stop laughing because he had Jamie trained well. Jamie knew exactly the role he played and was only too willing to help a brotha out.


I loved Jamie's little race suit made for him by his Aunty Brooke. I loved how Brooke's character turned out. I loved that she went and got smart and went home. I love that she finally stood up to her evil whatever home girl was because I was pissed off that they done set that fine ol' guy out of the limo after the event that Brooke went to. I liked that even though she was young and successful, she still had problems. I loved that even though she was young and successful and professional, there was still the young, fun loving Brooke we all knew from high school.

Now what is up with Mouth and Brooke? Are these two going to be an ...item? I know that I should be okay with it, I'm kinda not. I mean, well...yeah, handle that if that's what rocks your socks Brooke! What I want to know, who the heck did she fire? Oh snap! DUH!!! She fired Rachel, huh? Ohhhhhhhhhh man, so you know that's going to come back and bite her in the ass. So woo hoo, more drama to enter in this season.

It's funny to see that Mouth isn't as successful as he thought he would be when he was in high school, it's so rare to see kids who know exactly what they want to do all throughout high school and then to see that their dreams fall through their hands is just sad but then again, the same thing happened with Nathan, huh? Well old dreams can help form new dreams and it's going to be interesting to see Mouth win Tree Hill over. I hope he wins and shows up his evil bitchy boss. Man, I wanted to karate chop his boss in the neck and then use my nunchucks on her stupid ass! Meanie girls suck! And she's so one of them.

As a whole, the two hour episode was a fantastic opener for this show. I loved how they shot the whole thing, letting us know what's been going on with each character and seeing where they are right now in their lives. Some of them are successful, some of them aren't, some of them left home and some of them never did. There's so many different roads we could go from here and I can't wait to see where each of their different roads take them.

I love that Peyton inspired Lucas to start writing again, when she turned his quote back on him from all those many seasons ago (Season 1 to be exact), I was absolutely thrilled because the history behind these two is so strong and it's what drives this show (well one of the things) and it's what makes me so hot damn passionate about this show.

I hella love Lucas and I hella love the uncle that he is to Jamie, the relationship is solid and strong and Jamie knows without a doubt that he is loved by his Uncle. I can't wait to see him develop that same relationship with his father. I look forward to seeing Haley and Nathan bump along the marriage train and try to keep things together. I look forward to the adventures that Peyton will go through trying to get her label off the ground. I look forward to the challenges Brooke will face trying to run her business from home. There's just so many things to look forward and the main thing I look forward to, is watching Lindsay and Lucas break up...ooh, that gives me something to look forward to.

WOO FRICKIN HOO, it was a hot damn good episode and I can't wait for more.

So until next week....

*edited to add: How cute was it when Nathan took Jamie out to the race track and told him that they'd over their fear..together? Awwww, so effing cute! I'm so glad to see that the Nathan we know and love isn't completely gone. YAY NATE!*

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Okay, seriously, I wanted to punch Linsday in the freakin' face for kissing up on Peyton's man. Talk about bein' one f'ugly girl! lol

Things I LOVED :
1) Everyone coming home after having their own adventures.
2) Brooke standing up to her evil executive finally. She kept saying that it was Brooke's company, well then STFU and let her run her company.
3) J Luc telling Nathan that he drank too much. Talk about an eye opener!
4) The sappy ending with Nate and JL
5) The flashbacks! Fantastic. Apparantly they will continue through the season to give glimpses of the last four years and some shows will be all flashbacks.

I can't really make a list of what I hated though bc there was nothing except Hoe Train Lindsday, Peyton compromising herself, the sick feeling I got in my stomach right before she did and right before Nathan jumped in the pool, and how Mouth got treated.

BUT I predict that Mouth will be getting a Brooke style makeover fairly soon and that Mouth and Brooke will start "brooking" each other fairly soon. lol

Now I just have to countdown til Tuesday again!

GREAT REVIEW! I loved this episode, and I am so excited for what's to come! I love reading all your reviews, they are all so energetic.


Girl I loved all of those parts of the show as well...wasn't this just the best way for One Tree Hill to come back?

Mouth and Brooke, ehh? Hmmm...how do you feel about that?


Aww thanks! I'm just so energetic and passionate about this show, I think I need help! haha.

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