Movie Review: The Invisible  

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Starring: Justin Chatwin, Margarita Levieva, Marcia Gay Harden, etc.
Rating: PG-13, for violence, criminality, sensuality and language - all involving teens.
Grade: D

Nick, is a high school senior with a bright future until, in a tragic case of mistaken identity, he is brutally attacked by a troubled girl, Annie, and his body is left for dead. Now in limbo, not quite dead but invisible to the living, his spirit can only watch as his mother and the police search frantically for him, unaware that he is only hours away from truly perishing.

I watched this movie the other night with Grace and my family and man was this movie so stupid. I didn't really care for any of it. It was kind of boring, it was unbelievable and it made cops look very stupid. They searched the area in which the body was dumped, with dogs no less and they walked right over his body and NO ONE found him? The dogs couldn't sniff him out?

NOT ONE PERSON in the whole boat load of people that were looking for him, didn't check underneath that big ol' sewer cover thingy?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Then there was Annie. I hated this tramp, I wanted her to die a slow death and I wanted the flies to all have a go at her body, she was such a stupid tramp. She's one of those teens that I can't frickin' stand. They're mad at the world because their Mom died and their Dad emotionally abuses them and they want a better life for them and their kid brothers/sisters. So instead of being a good example to her little brother, she goes out and she fights the world and spits in everyone's face because she's got a bad home life. And then she goes home and tries to act like she's this angel to her little brother, who looks up to her and loves her no matter what.

I hate characters like this and then the whole movie was spent with Annie trying to find herself, with her trying to find the good part of her and she gets this whole emotional makeover and for me, it just didn't work.

I hated her in the beginning and I hated her at the end, regardless of Nick's transformation. And the boys she ran with, how they jumped to do her every bidding, not because she was this hot little number and they were in lust with her but because they were scared of her? OMGOSH, that had to be the stupidest thing EVER, I mean...she's just this little girl, they both could have jumped the hell out of her together and yet, they didn't...because they were too scared.

So stupid.

And then how Nick's friend ratted him out for a crime he didn't do and gets Nick beat the hell up pissed me off too. Oh gosh, this whole movie pissed me off so I will say this....DON'T BOTHER WASTING TIME TO WATCH's a dumb movie.

Blah. I could have used the time I spent watching this movie, reading a book or something and I didn't, so I'm mad.


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Eric told me this movie was dumb and now that you are. Yup, i'm staying away.

I've never heard of this movie.

LOL I watched this with my brothers and they were both like "He's so EMO." haha

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