Good Luck Chuck  

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This movie wasn't great, so I'm doing a half-assed review. LOL

The beginning was funny...then it turns into a porno for 5 minutes, then Dane Cook goes crazy (really bonkers) and the movie never recovers after that.

Don't get me wrong, it definitely had its funny moments, but it really lagged at the end. And all the funny stuff was in the previews anyway, so there's nothing new.

The funniest thing happened during my watching of this movie. She-Ra was playing with the cat on my lap, and the cat lunged at her and scared her, and she jumped backwards - off the couch and onto the floor. LMAO!! Poor thing, her eyes went soo big when she realized there was nothing to stop her fall. Good thing she fell off the foot part of the recliner couch and that it wasn't reclined all the way. Still, it was funny.

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