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With One Tree Hill's return looming near, I thought I'd explode from my excitement from having my favorite TV Show back on air with new episodes. You see, we're not going the route in which 90210 went with following each character to college and what not, no, we're fast forwarding 4 years and watching each of the characters find their ways back to Tree Hill after college and their careers to see them come back after all these years.

Some of the Tree Hillers have left Tree Hill and are just now coming back, some of the Tree Hillers have never left and are totally different people now. There are new additions to the show, like Nathan and Haley's little boy, Lucas' new sister, his editor because he's an author nowadays. We see K-Fed joining the cast for a little while as the act that Peyton tries to get signed. So many changes and yet so many things stayed the same. I can't wait to find out the hows and the why's.

It's going to be so much fun, I can hardly stand it. This week's Thursday Thirteen, I'm going to do the thirteen things I'm most looking forward to with One Tree Hill's return.

And without further adeu, here's my list:

Thirteen Things about Why I'm Excited One Tree Hill Is Back!

1. I want to find out what Lucas is up to as a coach for the Tree Hill Ravens.
2. I want to find out if Peyton and Lucas are still together.
3. I want to find out if Peyton and Brooke are as close as they were in high school or did they move on with their lives apart from each other and lost touch.
4. I want to see if Brooke is still the bitchy girl that I remember and love.
5. I want to see who Brooke ends up with.
6. I want to see what Nathan and Haley's life is like now that they're parents of an almost 5 year old little boy.
7. I want to see what made Haly chop her hair off and make it look hideous.
8. I want to see why Nathan didn't follow in Haley's footsteps and chop his damn hair off too.
9. I want to see what happened with Karen, Dan and Deb.
10. I want to see what's going on with Coach Whitey.
11. I want to see how all of the kids are going to end up back in Tree Hill.
12. I want to see what the heck Skills did with his life.
13. I want to see everyone back together again.

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Er ... I don't watch this show either.

Am I a loser or what??!!

LOL, maybe we're the funky ones...what shows do you watch and we'll let you know if it'll be covered on this site. LOL.

I can't wait for this one to come back!! *squeal*

Okay so last night they replayed the seasson finale and now I'm excited all over really excited!


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