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This week's video of the week goes to my absolute favorite show in the whole entire world right's my absolute favorite scene in the whole show.

Some background information, since the beginning of the show, Lucas Scott has had a think for Peyton Sawyer. He's her very own Captain Save a Hoe...but as luck would have it, whenever they would try to make a go of things, their timing was always off. First, it was his brother and then it was her best friend. She was with his brother Nathan but it was clear to anyone who could see, that these two were not good for each other and that these two were doomed. After things finally ended with Nathan, Peyton was scared to give things a shot with Lucas because she's got a lot of issues but when she was finally ready, he had already moved her best friend, Brooke.

One thing led to another and they did the unthinkable, they started seeing each other on the sly. It's always been about these two and after 4 seasons, they finally got it right, only to get it wrong again...but this scene, this scene that I included in this post is the scene that in Season One, gave me hope that these two would get together someday.

It was Peyton's line, "I'll wait forever, if I have to." that made my romantic heart sigh like the goofy retard that I am. And it was that one simple sentence that stayed with me throughout all of the different relationships these two went through in order to find their way back to each other, there were times when I despaired of them ever getting their shot at happiness but all of my waiting paid off because they finally got together last season and I just love their whole story, how it came full circle.

It was sweet. It was good. It was meant to be.

And I lubsss them a lot. So without further adeu, here's the video of the week:

Until next week...

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I just have to say, your page is awesome. I love all the shows! Keep it up, I'll be reading it daily!

Oh thanks so much, that's so nice of you...over here, us Boob Tubers love our shows! =)

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