Movie Review: Fracture  

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Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ryan Gosling
Rating: R, for language and some violent content.
Grade: A

When Ted Crawford discovers that his beautiful younger wife, Jennifer, is having an affair, he plans her murder--the perfect murder. Among the cops arriving at the crime scene is hostage negotiator Detective Rob Nunally, the only officer permitted entry to the house. Surprisingly, Crawford readily admits to shooting his wife, but Nunally is too stunned to pay close attention when he recognizes his lover, whose true identity he never knew, lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Although Jennifer was shot at point blank range, Nunally realizes she isn't dead. Crawford is immediately arrested and arraigned after confessing--a seemingly slam-dunk case for hot shot assistant district attorney Willy Beachum, who has one foot out the door of the District Attorney's office on his way to a lucrative job in high-stakes corporate law. But nothing is as simple as it seems, including this case. Will the lure of power and a love affair with a sexy, ambitious attorney at his new firm overpower Willy's fierce drive to win, or worse, quash his code of ethics? In a tense duel of intellect and strategy, Crawford and Willy both learn that a "fracture" can be found in every ostensibly perfect facade.

Holy goodness with a splash of hot diggity dizamn!

This movie was good. It was smart, it was interesting and it had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I knew the logistics of what this movie was about and I was interested in seeing how it all played out, how it all came together. I wanted to see if Ryan Gosling's character, Willie Beachum finally got to stick it to Anthony Hopkins character, Ted Crawford because man did he lead Willie on a merry chase.

A merry chase to the truth.

Now, this movie if you've seen the previews is about a young hot shot District Attorney who is not getting paid as much as he should be, landing a job at one of the hottest and top paying firms in Los Angeles. He's got big things in his future and he takes on this one last case for the DA's office and it's an easy deal. The defendant has pleaded guilty to shooting his wife and has turned in the weapon and so it's a piece of cake. Beacham, who already took the high paying job and is expected to start asap, has to tie up this loose end and then he'll be free and hopefully, higher paid.

All of that comes crashing down on him when this easy peasy case doesn't turn out to be so easy....since the guy is completely guilty and yet is about to walk completely free because there's no evidence tying him to the crime.

This movie is about Willie Beacham trying to win this case and save this woman's life....because the wife is alive throughout the whole movie, she's just in acoma. He shot her in the face and though she's not conscious, she's not exactly dead either.

The audience already knows what happened, we're watching Beacham find everything out for himself, hopefully in time to put this guy away.

This movie is one of the main reasons why I heart Ryan Gosling so much. He played his character really well and I totally heart him right now. You were annoyed with how cocky he was at the beginning of the movie and you watched him make a fool of himself and then you saw him pick the pieces of the puzzle and try to make sense of them. He knew that Crawford was playing him and he tried so hard to solve the riddle and you were so hot damn proud of him in every little battle he won. And I'm so hot damn glad that he didn't get back with home girl that dicked him out...I hated that stupid bitch and I'm glad her time in the movie ended when it did, I didn't like her no way.

Hopkins, on the other hand was just as brilliant in this movie as he is in all of his other movies. He had you hating him at the same time you're in awe of his character's cunning. You were amazed at the sheer audacity he had in playing with Beacham's mind and his character was

This whole movie was smart and I hecka enjoyed it and I'm sure anyone who watches it will agree. Get this movie and watch it for yourself, you won't be sorry.

This one is another DVD that I will be owning, thank you very much.

Long live Ryan Gosling so that he can make more movies like this one.

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Ooh, I'm glad you liked it!! I'll keep this movie in mind next time I go to the video store. But this weekend is a theater weekend, woot. LOL

I wanted to see this one. I love Gosling. I'll have to reserve it from the library!


Seriously...this movie was really good.


I'm sure you'll enjoy it if you like RG, he's HOT in this movie and his smarts makes him even smarter! =)

This is a great movie! I did a post on it a couple of months ago and found some great online video interviews.

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