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This week was about the Golf Scramble. It's a bunch of playmates and other celebrities playing golf. At each hole there is music, drinks and playmates. lol. Holly is all excited cause she'll be able to drive her pimped out pink and white golf cart. Kendra is going to be playing golf.

Kendra is fun to watch play sports. She's so competitive. She starts off doing really well until the guys give her some booze. All of sudden she sucks. She's throwing her clubs, swearing and having mini tantrums. Too funny. In one shot, she's writing K-DUB in the sand trap all big. Then they show her running once security starts to arrive. They should have showed what happened next. Damn editing.

I have to say the outfits the playmates were wearing were uber cute. Cute little white polo shirts with a short pleated skirt. Kendra didn't wear the skirt cause it was too long on her. She looked cute though with her outfit.

The other half of the episode showed the girls playing cards over at Mary's house. Mary is Hef's secretary. She's been working for him for a long time. She's gone to the parties and on several vacations with Hef and girls.

I love Mary. I'd expect her to be all grandmotherly and sweet. She is sweet but she's a spit fire as Bridget said. She sometimes swears, talked about the mile high club one time, even had to explain what the mile high club was to Kendra one time. Mary is awesome.

So it was really nice to see the mansion staff surprise her with a birthday cake. Awwww.

One thing I got a kick out of it was watching a clip of Hef and girls playing Monopoly. Not how I would see Hef and girls spending an evening at home.

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I watched an episode tonight where it was Wednesday's birthday and the Easter Egg hunt. Mary was in there, and yeah, she's a spitfire. LOL Saucy wench!!

Kendra slept in for every event. LOL I heart Kendra. haha

I don't think I've seen that episode yet.

Everytime they show the girls having to go somewhere, Kendra is sleeping in. LOL.

I swear...why do I like this show again? LOL.

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